Discover the Beautiful Simplicity and Transformational Power of Ascension

Live the truly Alive life


Five-day Autumn Ascension Retreat

Cober Hill, Scarborough, UK

10-15 November 2019

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?”

— Mary Oliver

You are invited to a life transformational retreat.

Spend five days exploring the rich clarity of your Awareness, fine tuning your practice of Ascension, experiencing more Freedom, more Happiness, more Beauty, more Peace, and come out ready to live the life you were born to live.

To take a step back and give yourself some days of rest and rejuvenation whilst exploring the vast wonder of your own consciousness is such a gift to give yourself. There are no limits to the discoveries we can have together.

Take advantage of the beautiful and peaceful location, the camaraderie, the powerful yet so simple and clear step-by-step teaching, yoga classes, everything is done for you … you just have to show up and soak it all in.

This retreat is for those who have already learnt to Ascend. Experience however – last week or last decade – is no barrier.

Places are limited.

Last year’s retreat was sold out, so if you’re interested be in touch as soon as you can.


Garuda and Arjuna have nearly 35 years joint experience in the art of Ascension and bring a great depth of insight, clarity & wisdom. They are both passionate about helping Ascenders discover their own authentic Self and live a rich, truly Alive life, full of purpose and wonder.

Garuda is the author of “Silent Songs to God”, while Arjuna is the author of “200% – An Instruction Manual for Living Fully.”


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What to expect:

There will be twice daily meetings to guide and inspire you.

In these, or one on one with us, you can ask your questions, clear up any doubts, share about your discoveries about life and moving beyond the mind (should you feel like it) or simply sit back and melt into your experience of true presence.

Daily yoga, taught to all abilities, will be available if you wish with our amazing yoga teacher Purya. And, there will quite possibly be some Sanskrit chanting courtesy of Garuda.

Your time with us will be super relaxing and nurturing, yet profoundly growthful.

The venue:

On the cliffs tops just north of Scarborough, Cober Hill is a lovely place to drop out and tune in for a few days.

The food is spectacular, the location amazing. As well as being able to head along the cliffs or down to the ocean, the garden of Cober Hill is beautiful. It really is wonderful for exploring and hiding away in.

All bedrooms are spacious and have onsuite showers, some have baths as well. Single bedrooms are available (for an extra charge) on a first come, first served basis.

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Sunday 10th November (evening start, with a meal and meeting following) – Friday 15th November 2019

Cober Hill, Cloughton, Scarborough


£528 for a shared room (some single rooms are available at £578 on a first in, first served basis)

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