Switch off and rest

Why NOT taking time for you is like a sushi train

I love sushi! Don't know about you, but it is one of the world's best foods. I once had sushi in Mexico and it came with grilled cheese and Jalapenos. Now that was unexpected. Now - what does this have to do with taking time for yourself? Well, read on:

The single hardest thing about life is simply stopping and sitting down. Resting? "Waste of time!" people think all the time.

It's crucial though - to switch off, to get off the hamster wheel of life, to give yourself a moment or two to reconnect, to get that half-step back, to get energy, enjoyment, perspective.

Now meditation? That is rest, supercharged. It really is. The practice itself (should) be simple and straight forward and relaxing, and as such, enjoyable (although there are some tough practices out there). It brings a wealth of benefits to all that practice.

However, even experienced meditators can have trouble just sitting down:  They’re on the go, things to see, people to do, and time is always short.

“It’s not the right time - I’ll do it later”.

I think people think there is no price to pay for keeping on pushing. Because the price is paid later you think you can keep delaying.

It’s just like one of those all you can eat sushi trains where the delicious sushi comes around time and time again, right under your nose.

You think “Another one? Why not? It’s only £3 for that plate”.

Yet by the time your waiter comes to tally up your bill, all those small bites of sushi add up to a mighty fine reckoning, don't they?

The bill you get, when it arrives, and surely it arrives because there is always a waiter taking count. And it's always huge! I'm always thinking "How can I ever possibly have eaten THAT much sushi?" But it's true.

Why not just pay "the bill" as you go?

There is no such time as the right time - you just have to make time.

But you have to, otherwise you’ll just be in the same mental loops, doing the same things, involved in the same negative, limiting patterns, sucked into stress and worry and anger. No peace of mind. No calm, clarity.

Take time, make time, make it part of your daily ritual. Do it and tell me how life is from there, ok?

Go well young grasshopper. There is life to be lived - not just survived, but lived well! Arjuna

PS. Here is an excellent way of setting up an “investment” so you will always have enough for the bills and extra to spend anytime you want and/or need. And it's free:



I’ve just gotten back from teaching on the Isle of Man. It was so great. An amazing land, it feels old. Incredible people there too - if I didn’t have a family to return to, I’d have stayed longer. Here’s a quote I found on the way home: __________

The worst bullies you will ever encounter in your life are your own thoughts. - Bryant H Mc Gill __________

Isn’t that true?

Coming to terms with the harshness of your own head is crucial not only in feeling relaxed, content, confident, but in doing anything. The greatest critic is in your own head and if you can overcome that, you’re set for life.

It’s hard enough to do anything, you don’t need a handbrake like your own mind.

The great thing is, you need do so little to overcome it.

Just see it ... “I see you!!” is the greatest thing for choice.  You do not need to change it, or make it go away. See it, and bring your attention to something else.

If it squeaks and tells you what a loser you are? How you’re never going to get there? All that rubbish it can come up with?

Just ignore. It hates being ignored! It hates it, because all of a sudden you’re not even caring. It loses all it’s power. It loses all it’s relevance to you in one simple stroke. OK?

You don't need to fight it. Just as the ocean need not fight the fish that swim through it, you don't need to fight the thoughts - whatever they may be - that swim through your head.

So make it that simple. See it. And meditation, regular practice is an incredibly useful tool for getting good at ignoring those bullies in your own brain. So why not sit down and give yourself even just 10 minutes?

Good job!

Go well Arjuna

PS. Here's some super simple, easy, relaxing, empowering tools for you. Free.



What sacrifice would you make for the perfect life?

That title is a touch dramatic, isn’t it? But after talking with someone the other day, I realised an important point. One that is so obvious now, but perhaps isn’t that clear to many people.

Now - I realise some of you are busy. I realise you sacrifice a lot already. I get that - read this carefully. Don’t add to your weight of life by misunderstanding what I’m saying, ok? I want to help you live a lighter life, not a heavier one. And if you have a question about this, get in touch. Alrighty? The important point is that to get anything, anything at all, you have to sacrifice something else.

To lose weight, you have to sacrifice certain foods, as well as time and effort to do some exercise. To learn to master your mind, and overwhelm and negativity along with it, you have to sacrifice time and a small amount of effort so you can practice it. You have to sacrifice those times when everyone else is watching Netflix - for example.

Or, perhaps you really want to watch the Game of Thrones with everyone, so you decide to wake up early and practice before everyone else has awoken. But then the sacrifice is having to get up out of bed early, when you’re sleepy and cosy, and it’s dark and cold.

There is always a sacrifice to be made in order to gain anything.

The trouble happens when you focus on what you’re sacrificing. You become so fixed on the missing the Game of Thrones (with that glass of wine) that you COMPLETELY miss what you’re gaining from your sacrifice. You miss the joy of improving, of becoming greater.

You don’t appreciate what you’re getting, and that is the reason why you pack it all in and go back to the same old, same old. I got this from Bubba - she who must be obeyed --->

I realise that I will never have a sleep in again. I will never just throw my kayak in the car and head off for a 5 day adventure on the spur of the moment. I will never be able to leave my book on the floor where she can chew it to pieces.

Now - I can resent her for making me make that sacrifice, or I can enjoy what she gives me - which is a huge amount of joy and a reminder of being constantly in the Now. And who could resent that cute little zombie face?

This goes with anything. Everything has a price. But - if you’re smart, you’ll see that everything has a reward too. You can resent the price, or you can enjoy the reward.

All this means is if you’re going to do something, make sure you really want to do it. Make sure you really focus on the reward, not on what you’re giving up.

And then it’s not really a sacrifice is it? It’s just a means to an end. It’s following that which gives you greater and greater joy.

Focus on the silver lining, always. It will transform your life.

Questions? Let me know, I’d love to help out if I can. Go well! Arjuna

PS. After all that, learning to master your mind and the chaos that goes with it requires very little sacrifice. Sure - you have to sit down and close your eyes consistently, but it’s such a pleasurable thing. Relaxing, time to yourself, recharging, it really is simple.

Gandhi said once reason he meditated was because it gave him more time in his busy day.

So do something! If you're interested, here’s some things I put together for you, for free:


What to do when it’s stuck to you like gum to your shoe

Have you ever heard that expression “just let go”? Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s used like an attack “dude, just freakin’ let it go!”.

How do you “let go”?

Well - the theory and the practice is simple. Letting go is in a way distracting yourself from thinking so much a particular way.

What you focus on, grows - this is the golden rule. Hence the wise man who said "what you sow is what you reap". But whatever you sow, put it in the ground cos that's going to get heavy at some stage. And I personally wouldn't garden in a suit, but up to you.

So in meditation you use the breath (for example) to focus on. In the Ishayas’ Ascension we have Ascension Attitudes which work very nicely indeed. Since what you focus on grows, putting your attention on something else means THAT grows in your attention. You let go by putting your attention on something else.

Simple so far, right?

So what is happening when you try to let go and it keeps on coming back, time and time again? What do you do when it’s strong, and intense, and habitual?

Well - those thoughts patterns ARE habits, so they WILL come up time and time again. They are a well worn groove of thinking that is easy for your mind to unconsciously slip into. You try and let them go and there they are again.

So what is important for you is consistency in letting go, time and time again - like the tennis professional player practicing their shot, time and time again to make it perfect - all so you can finally come to let them be ...

If that makes sense?

Consistency of letting go is key simply because you have focused on thinking a particular way for so long or given it significant mental and emotional weight that it now has the momentum of a runaway train.

Practice makes perfect, and makes peace too. So don’t get discouraged when you find yourself in the same patterns of worry or doubt or anger or whatever … Imagine cosmic Yoda is talking the words on the left to you and be that tennis professional and just get back on the (tennis) horse once again.

You’ll get so good at it, you’ll become unconsciously excellent at it. It will seem like you do it without any attention, automatically. And how wonderful is that? How wonderful would your life be with that kind of mental and emotional resilience?

Amazing is what!

So - go well! Arjuna

PS. If you’re interested, this is exactly one of things I teach here, along with the very cool tools  and the practice to allow you to do that, to let go sweetly and easily:


The Pause - you’ve been doing it all along

Last time I talked about how “The Pause”. Gettit?

The Pause has capitals for sure, because it’s a meaningful (and meaningless) moment or minutes where you just stop and do nothing. Where you collect yourself, where you break up the busy-ness and the haste and the “got to get things done” for a period of time of your choosing.

It looks like you’re zoning out, you’re switching off, blanked out perhaps … and you are in a sense, but more like you’re zoning IN to what is real and true and calm and centred about you.

Kids do it all the time - I think we perhaps get it “beaten” out of us, told to pay attention, to stop “day dreaming”, you know?

Many people wrote in with exclamation marks and said how what they were already doing now made sense to them. Perhaps it was that pause over a cup of tea, the morning walk where they stop and just stare out at the scenery. Those precious moments just listening to that wonderful piece of music. Taking more time in the shower, feeling the hot water make your body lose and heavy.

Whatever - it’s taking time to remember to live, rather than just rush.

Some were worried it was some kind of epileptic fit, something wrong, something broken … and I don’t know your particular case but I bet good money it’s more about taking a quick moment from all the activity.

Completely natural - it’s required for your sanity even.

If you think about your wellbeing like a bank account … so many people only spend, spend, spend. They are far into overdraft, and if you’ve ever been there it’s a tough place to be in. The Pause is about depositing goodness (energy, balance, perspective, mind space, good humour) back in so you don’t run out.

We naturally do it as kids and the only thing is adults forget, or think they shouldn’t, that it’s not important.

Actually it’s the most important thing in the world. And it’s not rocket science, so keep it simple. Go well! Arjuna

PS. For me, learning meditation took The Pause to a greater level. I recommend it, fully and completely. It meant I was able to pause while even in the middle of vigorous activity. “How so??” you might ask … and it’s a great question.

The Pause is a wonderful to do in your life.

When you do it, you start to recognise that the present, silent space that you tune into when you completely pause all activity is also there in the middle of activity, all activity. It’s a weird thing to explain in words but if you’ve ever had a Flow or Zone experience you’ll know it super well.

The thing about Flow and Zone states is that the intensity gets dialled up hugely. Everyone is trying to chase and recreate this intense experience and yet a subtle, quiet one is under their nose, the whole time. They're missing out because they're everywhere looking except for the one place it is, here.

Anyhow, if you'd like to know more to meditation and mindfulness here's a couple of free guides I think you'll really like: www.arjunaishaya/freestuff


Doorway prayers and pauses

Ages ago I read of a group of Zen monks who would go through a very complicated set of chants and prayers every time they went through a doorway. “How bizarre”, I thought to myself, “Imagine if I did that every time I entered a room - it would take forever to get any where” … and it would.

But the purpose of doing that is not praying to the doorway, it's for the monk to make sure they don’t forget and mentally run off. Doorways are always opportunities, you see - to leap into the future of where you are heading, or stay present and aware to the moment you find yourself in: In your head - lost in thinking, or in your body - aware and living.

There’s always a choice, and remembering to make your choice is everything. Mental activity is the heavy stuff. No matter the event, the thinking about it is infinitely more stressful.  And - while being constantly ahead of yourself means you feel busy and overwhelmed, being present means you do one thing at a time and you feel calm, regardless of how much you have to do. One of these choices causes drama and exhaustion, the other means you can wend your way through life smoothly and efficiently, with a smile on your face.

I mention this story because why not? And a fine fellow was telling me that he has just started to do what his father did, every day before he set off for work. His father would make sure everything was ready, and then stand at the front door, staring out the small window - sometimes for ten minutes or so.


He was making sure he was ready for the day. Taking the time before he stepped out on the street to pause, to collect, to get that half-step back before he got caught up in the busy, in the go go.

My dad would do the opposite - as in at the end of the day. As a kid I would hear the car pull up and wait at the window for my dad to come in. He would sometimes sit in that car for ages. Later on I asked him what he was doing and he said he was listening to the sound of silence … letting the day go so he could join his family anew, without the events of the day and all the wouldda shouldda couldda’s clinging to him.

So you know I’m a big fan of closing your eyes and meditating because that brings you the choice for a large amount of calm extremely quickly, but if you don’t want to do that you now have something else.

I call it "the Pause", and whether done before the day, during and/or after, it is always worth investing in. You can be reassured that meditating AND the pause combined together are huge.

And why not? No one is going to make the choice for the half-step back for you - are they? Maybe you should get going on that for yourself.

Questions? Let me know, as always I’d love to help.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. I put together a very easy to read, yet I believe rather compelling, list of ways of practicing more mindful and enjoy being less stressed and struggling. It's free, and you can get a copy here:


The coolest and most useful trick in the world

Standing on one foot used to be the trick I wanted to do so much. I was 2, I think, at the time … then it was learning to juggle. That was pretty cool when I finally managed it, then I found I could juggle AND stand on one foot. Then I did a yoga class and realised I REALLY needed to up my game … but hey, enough about me ...

Balance - a very cool trick! The balance I want to talk about here isn’t so much about standing on one foot and doing tricks like some bizarre yogi acrobat …

The best, most USEFUL, kind of balance is much, much different.

This is the kind of balance that loves having goals, getting stuff done, becoming, but at the same time is based in absolute contentment in what you have right now.

It’s a tricky thing - and yet to live well, contentment is very necessary. So often people get overwhelmed when trying to hold together a busy life. Negativity can creep in "I'll never be able to do that" ... Or annoyed when you hear about someone else’s adventures, comparing and regretting the state of your life that means you can’t do what he or she’s doing.

The best kind of balance is indeed founded in this moment in time. The future, the past, comparison - all of these things are not of now. They don’t help contentment at all. And yet just being content without passion or purpose means you probably won’t even get out of bed.

You can, and you should, have a foot in both camps. You will find they nurture each other. With goals comes excitement and aliveness. With contentment is the end of overwhelm and stress. And it means you have the clarity and perspective to get to where you want, with style and without angst. No matter what happens, no matter the ups and downs of outrageous fortune, you are secure in presence and contentment.

So tune into now. Find balance.

Go well! Arjuna


Balance takes practice. It’s your natural state so to speak, but definitely take practice to remember how to be this way.

Simple though, when you practice the right things. Here's a little free cheat sheet I put together of all the ways you can live a balanced, content, alive life: https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb

Check it out!

But what about them?

A big concern many people have with taking time out to do something like meditation is basically, “how will they cope without me?” Ever get the guilts even when you pop down to do the shopping? “I can’t leave them, because they NEED me” - do you know that?

That's a big one for many, mums especially ... and if you don't do this and/or you're not a mum  - but you know one - perhaps this might help you understand and help them?

The fact is that kind of living can definitely lead to guilt and resentment in you because you never get time alone; and it means they just think you’ll do everything. You get exhausted and grumpy, they get wary in case they step on your toes the wrong way ... it all gets a bit messy.

Taking time for you is important. I used to love it when my mum went away because I got some time just with dad. Not that there was anything wrong with mum, its just dad was different, and we didn’t get to see him as much as mum. It was cool and different, not bad at all!

The other thing is, by taking a small amount of time out of your day they get a better version of you back. A small investment in yourself means you can give so much more: Less worry and resentment and guilt and snappiness. More ease in the chaos, more good times, more energy, better sleep.

“Just do it!”, I say. In no way is it selfish. Put your own oxygen mask on first and then you can really help others.

You may know this - but perhaps you've let it slip. Why not start back up again?

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Here’s a little challenge that will mean you can just ignore those thoughts that create mayhem for you: https://arjunaishaya.lpages.co/houradaymindful/ 

And they’re all gone!

The guests have left, there’s nothing but silence in the house and crumbs in the fridge. Whew. What a great Christmas! And as nice as it was to have everyone here, it’s really nice when they go too. I sat down to do my Ascension meditation and ended up sleeping for 2 hours. Which goes to show - if you need to sleep, you will sleep; so don't resist the snooze. But the greatest thing was how good I felt afterwards. I wasn’t really aware that I was knackered, but seems like I was, huh?

It’s an intense season, even just having a couple of extra people around, so take time to rest up and see what happens from there. Everything is better after a rest - isn’t it?

Exhaustion is that kind of subtle yet unsubtle reminder to take some time to completely switch off and recharge. Take the time! No one else is going to do it for you.

Now I recommend closing your eyes and meditating, because that really is a turbo boost for your levels of rest and recuperation and perspective and mood. But even just taking regular mindfulness breaks in your day - where you give yourself permission to do as little as possible - can make a whole world of difference.

Instead of being busy ALL the time, you’re giving yourself the permission to do nothing - even while walking, or driving, or cooking, or sitting around with a cup of tea staring out the window.

Simple, but such an enjoyable little habit. Try this link which will give you all the how to info and other goodies. If I can do anything for you? Just ask - hit reply, I’d love to help!

Go well, Arjuna

PS. Want to be more calm? More present, mindful and aware? Perhaps just less frazzled, angry, anxious? Try my free mindfulness challenge, I think you'll like it:


Swimming in pies

I found out today that there is ONE factory in the UK that puts out 2.3 million Christmas mince pies A DAY! Good news indeed!

I don’t know where they all go, but I certainly do help find a home for a few of them. I’m not fussy with pies - my family insists on homemade, but I will take any pie, anywhere, anytime.

So - Christmas is coming, if you celebrate it. Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you get out, take off to somewhere warm and beachy for a quiet time?

Not a bad idea at all.

But there is stuff you do. Traditions, rituals - every year the same. Why? Why do you hold this stuff personally sacred? I don’t know, I’m asking the questions here. But YOU need to know why.

Hold it sacred indeed, it’s important. Find out what sacred is for you, and celebrate those times. It’s worth it, it’s necessary.

What about those more regular traditions? Like weekly or daily? The things you do differently, the things you do to stop, rest and remember … ?

When you’re busy they’re the first to go, aren’t they? They are negotiable and expendable. Because they provide no obvious benefit.

And yet they are the most important things you do. Because they connect you with what makes sense in your life. And that is your foundation - that sense of space, of rightness, of “this is what it means to be me”.

That there is crucial.

You gotta celebrate those traditions, keep to those rituals - until at least you find better ones to replace them. So don’t give them up, don’t let them slip. Alright?

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Here’s a good ritual you might like to start including in every day - it’ll help you end that stress and enjoy each and every moment so much more


Don’t do a single thing!

I assume you’re reading these little whitterings of mine because you want to live the fullest, richest life. You want to be a better person - to enjoy your life, to help your loved ones, to make your community and your world a better place too.

The fact is you are already this better person that you seek.

This whole path is knowing that better happens just through the means of being present - because there, when each of us stops trying to improve, defend and correct ourselves, there is a space of presence and goodness. It already exists within, by just resting you are it.

That is the whole purpose of meditation and mindfulness. It is to relax into what is already there. It is dropping the insistences and demands and prejudices of your mind and being what you have always been.

You can’t think about this - you have to be it. The thought about it is nothing, the experience of it is everything.

There you are, rest, let go, just be right now.

Job done!

Need help? Just ask, I'd be happy to.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. A great practice for remembering just to stop and be this true nature of yours?

Right here: https://arjunaishaya.lpages.co/houradaymindful/ 

What would happen to you if … ?

What would happen if you gave up all of your shoulds, woulds and coulds? What if you quit all your insistences?

What if you dropped all your comparisons, evaluations, prejudices, judgements?

What if you stopped putting yourself under so much unnecessary pressure, trying to live up to unrealistic expectations?

What if you were nicer and gentler to yourself?

What if you stopped mentally running off and speculating over and over on an unknown future, a future you had no control over?

What if you were able to just quit worrying and being anxious?

What if you could stop snapping and flying off the handle?

What if you just spoke those words when you really need to?

What if you had the courage to change those things you want to change?

What if you had the serenity to accept the things you couldn’t?

What if you were wise enough to know the difference?

What if you stopped regularly to switch off, to enjoy, to smell the roses?

What if you looked after yourself first, even for just a small amount of time, so you didn’t end up exhausted and resenting them?

What if you stopped pining for a nostalgic past and fully embraced your present situation?

What if you were able to ignore those voices in your head?

What if you could laugh more?

What if you had those adventures?

What if you were calm and content, able to deal with the bumps of life with the greatest of ease?

What if?

All it takes is remembering that these things are important to you. And while you can have the intention to remember as much as possible - you can only remember WHEN you remember, like now.


Go well! Arjuna

What is success to you?

My daughter climbed the stairs this morning for the first time. What have you achieved?

Ha! I’ll tell you what I’ve done in terms of productivity: nada.

I have been taking some time off after a great spell of teaching, spending time with my two bubbas, resting, Ascending, cooking, walking, reading. In the meantime emails are backing up, messages are going unanswered. It is a great joy to NOT attend to all that, just for a day or two.

Interesting how our culture confuses success solely with doing and with productivity, right?

Trouble is - and I would say just about everyone suffers from this - no one has any balance. Everyone is stressed and exhausted. Trying to do everything all at once. No rest and recharge, no getting things in perspective, very little kicking back - just more and more exhaustion along with the subsequent reacting, flying off the handle, getting sick, all the time.

Success, true success that is, changes. Success is different to you, all the time.

Expectations - those sometimes ridiculous over the top expectations - don’t change. Those thoughts that say you should do this, that, and the other thing, all with the perfect hair (being bald means perfect hair is a given - unless we’re talking the comb over; now that is hard to pull off) …

But expectations are never about listening, tuning in to what you need to do right now. Force comes in over fluidity, you push and you push and yet sometimes the most successful thing you will do all day is climb the stairs. Or see your daughter’s smile as she reaches the top for the first time.

Check out your mind, your patterns, your shoulds and insistences. Be aware of forcing something. Sometimes the greatest thing you can do is take a complete break. Sometimes the greatest thing you can do is back off.

The more you do it, the more you find you get so much from it.

Go well!


PS. I have a little mindfulness/awareness programme that will help with making sure you get little mini-breaks during the day.

Head this way to get the details, and the link to join the Facebook group for some excellent reminders to help you remember:


When things don’t happen when you want

Another thing I’ve realised, as I still find myself convalescing from this flu … or super hero transformation, whatever it may be … is that destiny has it’s own timetable.

As much as I’d like to be up and running on full power, like, yesterday, that isn’t an option.

Doing as little as possible still is the way forward. The way backward involves doing too much and sliding back into the world of joints that don’t work and a battery that is so flat, watching dust and hair swirl around in the sun, cheek pressed flat to the floor is the only thing possible.

I know it feels like you have to do everything.

Maybe you do. But most of the time you don’t. You can ask for help. Actually you need to ask for help. That is the big thing. Stop feeling embarrassed that everyone is running around after you. Enjoy it! And along with that, the greatest thing you can do to recover quicker is stopping the fight against a timetable that is far bigger than you.

There are far bigger chefs than you at work, and it would appear they need you to marinate for a little longer.

You can fight and struggle and exhaust yourself, prolonging illness further and further down the track. Or you can surrender and give up to the reality. Give up your ideas of what should happen and when.

Ironically it’s then, when you fully and unconditionally surrender, healing can start to happen.

If it will at all, that is, and in it's own good time. Anything else just gets in the way.

It’s a super hero transformation after all! If you recover well, you’ll come out the other side with mutant super powers. And that will be awesome.

That’s me - hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

Go well!



A wonderful way of learning "letting go", can be found right here:

It's free too:


Help! I keep falling asleep while meditating

OK - Autumn is in. Hibernation season

I'm getting asked a lot:

How do I stop falling asleep when I Ascend or meditate?

Here’s my top tips on that.

I also did a video because sometimes talking is soooo much faster than writing.

You can find it here:


First of all though,

One of the signs that you’re about to fall asleep CAN be that you start drifting off into thinking so much more than when you’re fully alert.

No deal, don’t force it, the more you practice the more you’ll realise what is a happening,

Then you can use one or all of these below tips.

1. People hate this one

Chances are you won’t do this - people hate it when I say it, because it’s so darn simple.

They roll their eyes and say: “OK, good one, what else … ?”

If you’re falling asleep often in your eyes closed, get to bed earlier.

Stop burning the old midnight candle and get some pre-midnight rest.

It’ll solve your problem in a jiffy.

If you're having trouble sleeping at night getting these little breaks in your day will help you immensely.

2. Sit up a little bit straighter

Still be comfortable - no need to be in a yoga position.

You want to forget your body, not make it ache even more.

3. Speed up / change up

Introduce your Ascension Attitudes or mantra a little bit quicker.

If you’re using the breath - breathe a little deeper, fuller.

Swop attitudes or vehicles a little more frequently to keep the attention.

4. Open your eyes for a moment

Stare off into space for a bit, close your eyes when ready

5. Wash your face before

Dip your face in cold water before hand.

6. Get out of bed

While you can - and should - Ascend or meditate in bed into sleep (lie down, get comfy),

Get out and go somewhere else the rest of the time

7. Exercise / stretch before hand

Easy one - get the blood flowing a bit/a lot before.

8. Be “integrious” with your attention

Ascend or meditate with integrity - 100% gentle attention.

Being lazy with your attention will result in big drifting (no force!!)

9. Get the right vehicle

Not all vehicles are created equal.

You can travel by old bus -

Which does have its charm, but:

It’s slow, stops everywhere, may randomly break down, complete with loud music and smelly armpits.


You can travel by jet powered flying chauffeur piloted ease -

In speed and comfort.

You can meditate or, you can Ascend.

Huge difference.


The bottom line though is - if you need to sleep you WILL sleep.

Allow it -

Especially if your sleep is poor throughout the night and/or you’ve gathered up some exhaustion/stress

Allow and you’ll wake up much more refreshed and clear and alert for the rest of the day.

Which is so much better than fighting and getting angry with yourself.

Isn’t it?

The key will always be consistency.

If it’s important, do it every day.

Questions? Let me know - and by the way: good work!

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Sleep less, die earlier

Did you do better today?

Did you maximise your day?

In our world there is a full scale attack on “doing nothing”,

On resting, kicking back.

Everything is about productivity - doing, achieving, going, ticking off goals.

Everything. Everything is measured, with fitness trackers and mobile phones everything can be put down to a number.

Did you do better today?

Did you maximise your day?

Even meditation and mindfulness, the ultimate of doing nothing.

A quick check of the internet and it’ll tell you how good it is for productivity, getting stuff done.

There’s no time nor space left for just chilling.

Being busy - frantic - has become such a badge of honour,

Resting and sleeping has become associated with being lazy, slothful, weak.

People feel guilty if they seem to need more than 8 hours sleep every night.

“I’m wasting time” is how I used to feel.

“If I slept less, I’d be able to get so much more done” …

How about you?

Now I’m all about living a full rich life, creating projects and doing things and enjoying ticking them off.

But when I teach any kind of mindfulness or meditation it is so obvious how exhausted people are.

Even 10 year old kids, knackered.

Inter-related with all this extreme tiredness is anxiety, worry, overwhelm that is through the roof.

Something is wrong when lack of sleep is such a problem that in the UK it costs £30 billion in lost revenue.

Again - a number that represents lost productivity … but sometimes thats the only number that makes sense.

All of your health, your abilities to think clearly and creatively, your relationships …

All of your life suffers when you don’t get enough rest.

Now - don’t panic about this.

This isn’t an excuse to stay awake thinking about it.

But it is an excuse to ask yourself:

When are you going to do something about it?

Read this:


Then do something about it.

If you need help, then learn to meditate - and do it every day.

It will not only help you get better sleep,

If you’re not sleeping so well, it’ll give you more rest so you can cope with that lack of sleep.

Getting more sleep and rest could be the single greatest thing you do for yourself -

And your loved ones.

Don’t wait until it’s an over the top, obvious problem.

When you’re snapping at your kids, resenting everything, being worried and stressed about everything, just getting through the day via chocolate, coffee, and reaching for the gin.

Or go ahead and ignore it. Up to you.

Any questions? Just ask. I'm here to help.

Go well!



Now I know all about meditation and mindfulness, I don’t know how I lived without it.

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Seriously. I don’t know how people live without it.

Perhaps they’re not really living, just getting by.

Want to do something about it?


Hands free holiday

Just got back from holiday in France -

What a nice place - sun, surf, lemony tarts, wine …

Best thing?

I left my mobile at home.

SO good to put the phone down and not "have" to respond to people.

It was a physical relief to not use it - and I'm not really on it that much to tell you the truth.

It was so good I’ve extended my “on holiday” mode until, well, just about right now.

Crucial and vital to completely switch off.

And you know what?

I missed out on NOTHING.

Nothing urgent, nothing huge, nothing crucial.

And I found that even if people are asking for stuff -

If you leave them a few days they usually find out they can do it for themselves.

I think that since we’re so contactable people stop thinking.

They ask first and then realise later.

We think we need to be in contact ALL the time, and it’s not true.

Also - and I get it -

There’s a fear of a flood of messages upon your return.

Or missing out on something important, or some JUICY news …

And since maintenance is easier than catch up, you stay contactable, in touch, all the time.

But you never actually totally let go and relax -

You’re on the job always.

You never fully switch off, relax and recover.

And you can’t be with your kids and your partner totally.

I still laugh when I remember the story of a mum telling me that they were at the beach,

Mum was on her blackberry, again …

And daughter grabs the phone and chucks it in the ocean.

That woke mum up to how much she was ignoring her kids.

That made her realise what damage “just one more thing on the phone” was doing.

Heh heh.

Phones are great -

But you have to see your addiction to them.

And addiction of any sort is never good, it is always limiting.

You may think, I’m not addicted …

Well prove me wrong and put it down for just one whole evening.

Don’t check it for any reason -

Go on, money where your mouth is.

While it is fun to be connected,

You get so much more from periods of time being unconnected.

I’m not talking always and forever - just for a bit of time, every day.

Switching off, totally resting, recharging, getting away from ALL stimulus,

(Unless that’s the interpersonal type of stimulus - THAT there is A OK for your well being, if you get what I mean)

Connection with REAL people too …

How nice that is.

Your choice though, this whole life is your choice.

I think that’s what Ascension has given me big time:

Balance, clarity - the ability to see what I need, to see addiction,

To have the tools to put addiction and habits to one side,

To really connect with my life, right in front me.

If you don't know how to Ascend, well you're missing out!

But the best immediate and FREE thing you can do is read (and put into practice) this -

108 free ideas of switching off and being without stress, more alive and connected than ever before.

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Go well!



My French is terrible,

I keep lapsing into Spanish.

Haha, that is confusing!