“Every human should get a copy of this book when they are born.”

- Manyu, internationally renowned mindfulness/meditation teacher



An Instruction Manual for Living Fully ...

This book is a guide for the human condition. It is a practical, real and honest roadmap for anyone who wants to experience life to its fullest – at 200%.

200% of life is the experience of everything. It is the whole of life: 100% inner connection, peace and stability and 100% outer enjoyment, effectiveness and fulfilment.

Success without contentment and peace is half a life. Being “Zen” without action or the good things of life is only half the picture. You can have both; you deserve both.

A step-by-step, “how to live fully” manual, 200% gives you everything you need to cultivate the right rock solid inner foundation for the most fulfilling, and even thrilling, external existence.

Light-hearted, entertaining and incredibly clear, this is the rarest of spiritual books – it doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet what it delivers is profound.


Do you want to live 200% of life?

Here's your complete guide on how to do it.


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“200% is a marvellous instruction manual for anyone wanting more from life. If ‘more’ is calling you, then Arjuna's book is the answer.”

— Sandy C. Newbigging, author of seven best-selling books including Mind Detox

Praise for 200%


“I believe every human should get a copy of this book when they are born.

It's a book that actually shows you how to LIVE. A Life manual. A practical Life guide. A How-to-Let-Go guide. A guide on How-to-be-Happy, How to find Peace, and How to Make Life Easy.

Arjuna has done a truly amazing job. It is a wonderful book. I love it.”

—  Manyu, internationally renowned meditation/mindfulness teacher


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“This is a lovely book. Yes, in a way, it is a "self help" book, but it would be like saying Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior books or the writings of Seneca are "self help." This book has a clear vision of teaching us the path to true happiness in body, mind, soul and spirit.

It is a wonderful read and I will come back to dip in its waters many, many times.”

—  Dan John, strength coaching legend, religious studies academic, and best selling author of eleven books including Never Let Go and Can You Go?


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“In 200% Arjuna shares The Eight Choices for Living Fully, which are fantastic for cultivating the right rock solid inner foundation for the most fulfilling, and even thrilling, external existence.

200% is a marvellous instruction manual for anyone wanting more from life. It is a book that holds within it so much real life relatable wisdom. I know this book will change lives because it makes living the best of lives possible for anyone with an inner desire and calling for more. 

If ‘more’ is calling you, then Arjuna’s book is the answer.”

—  Sandy C. Newbigging, coaching and meditation expert, author of seven best-selling books including Mind Detox, and creator of the techniques collectively known as Calmology.


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“Arjuna strikes that just right balance in this book between finding inner peace and living to perform. These two aspects, commonly at odds, need no longer be. Welcome to the 200% club.”

—  Pat Flynn, fitness expert, philosopher, best selling author of five books including How to Be Better at (Almost) Everything, and top 500 health and fitness blogger


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200% is written with such clarity and humour that simply reading it is an enormous pleasure. But it doesn't stop there – if readers put these words into action there will be a tremendous impact, not just on themselves, but on the entire world.”

—  Rebekah Palmer, journalist, editor, author of two books including Rhythm as well as the children’s series Champ the Chopper


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“I’m not really a big fan of spiritual books, however I loved this. I loved it because it’s obvious Arjuna is speaking from his personal experience. It’s lighthearted, very approachable and he makes it appeal to everyone and anyone. Arjuna's made it so clear that what he talks about is within anyone’s reach, which is fantastic. It’s fun! It’s not serious at all, and it’s practical. Practical help is given, meaning anyone just has to do what he says.”

—  Anne Parry, international meditation/mindfulness teacher


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“I absolutely LOVE it. Arjuna has written something that is going to make this type of spiritual teaching accessible to a much wider audience. I love the mixture of wisdom, humility and humour. I love the format and the very real and practical advice, which is life changing.

Everyone should read this book!”

—  Joanna Taylor, international yoga teacher