The Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension

A truly great life begins between your ears


Want to learn to elevate yourself?

I love the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension.

It’s a kind of meditation/mindfulness practice that is so sweet, gentle, simple, enjoyable and yet so powerful. It gives you calm, clarity and contentment, it removes the tendencies to be stressed and overwhelmed, negative and judgemental, angry and frustrated.

It gives you a step back from a busy mind, it rests and rejuvenates the body, it puts you in direct connection with the truest, best and most joy filled part of you.

It’s a wonderful practice.

My schedule of Ascension courses is below.

To find out more, just ask me, or see for courses in your area/country.


The initial course is called the First Sphere. After completing this course you can resit anywhere in the world for free, something I very much recommend. Complete the First Sphere before coming to an advanced course or retreat.

The 200% Life Ascension workshops/retreats use my book, “200% – An Instruction Manual for Living Fully” as a departure point. For an idea of what to expect, have a look here.

First sphere, initial courses

August 9-11th — Richmond, North Yorkshire (starts 7pm Friday)

Accommodation is available at the venue so you can turn your weekend into a mini-get away/retreat

Advanced courses and retreats

February 23-24th — Richmond, North Yorkshire (advanced weekend, residential option available)

March 24-28th — Scarborough (The 200% Life Ascension Advanced retreat)

June 27-30th — Sweden (The 200% Life Ascension retreat)

  • For complete beginners to Ascension, and if you’ve already learnt. More details are coming, or email:

August 17-18th — Oslo, Norway (The 200% Life Ascension Advanced weekend)

November 10-15th — Scarborough (with Garuda, Ascension retreat)


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