Imagine if you could master your mind and get a super-solid inner foundation for a wonderful, adventurous, truly Alive life?

Welcome to The 200% Life!



  • Wondering "Is this it?"

  • "Why?"

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • Confusion, doubt

  • Negativity and judgement

  • Grumpy, snappiness

  • Living in the past or future

  • Anxiety, worry, panic, depression

  • Thinking far too much

  • Guessing what everyone wants

  • “What am I doing here?”


  • Knowing and living "This is it!"

  • "Wow!"

  • Clarity, perspective, peace

  • Confidence, creativity, intuition

  • Positivity and possibility

  • Great humour, happy for no reason

  • Present, aware, mindful

  • Ease, simplicity, contentment, joy

  • Keeping the "half-step back"

  • Nothing to prove, nothing to hide

  • Purpose, fulfilment, meaning


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