Perhaps it’s time to live differently…

To not just get by, not be content with “okay”,

but live a life that you’re proud of, and excited by?



  • Wondering "Is this it?"

  • "Why?"

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • Confusion, doubt

  • Negativity and judgement

  • Grumpy, snappiness

  • Living in the past or future

  • Anxiety, worry, panic, depression

  • Thinking far too much

  • Guessing what everyone wants

  • “What am I doing here?”


  • Knowing and living "This is it!"

  • "Wow!"

  • Clarity, perspective, peace

  • Confidence, creativity, intuition

  • Positivity and possibility

  • Great humour, happy for no reason

  • Present, aware, mindful

  • Ease, simplicity, contentment, joy

  • Keeping the "half-step back"

  • Nothing to prove, nothing to hide

  • Purpose, fulfilment, meaning


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What if you had … ?

the completely positive, supportive and free head – and heart – space

so you could live a rich, full, adventurous and truly Alive life?…


Maybe you are actually doing amazing,

And your mind is lying to you?

Perhaps it’s time to stop listening…?


Do you want to have more:

Freedom, ease, fun, gratitude, love, creativity, effectiveness, calm, contentment, connection, meaning, purpose, more Life?

More of everything that makes life worth living?

How about intentionally creating your day, starting anew each morning?

(as opposed to unconsciously crashing through it and hoping for the best)?

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Welcome to the 200% Life!

A truly great life begins between your ears

Read on for everything you need to know - and enjoy

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