Arjuna Who?

I'm an Ishaya monk, author and teacher of tools to gain peace with your mind and live supremely well.

I used to be an outdoor instructor in New Zealand until I discovered something that gave me what I truly wanted:

A way to have freedom from my own mind – a means to be able to choose to have a calm, content, clear and joy-filled inner foundation for all the adventures I wanted in life.

A way of:

  • Controlling the negativity, judgement, doubt, and fear of my mind

  • To get some kind of sense of meaning and purpose to what I was doing

  • Stopping worrying about the past and trying to predict the future, and instead be alive to what was in front of me

  • Having the ability to just be happy, no matter what, more often ...

  • Being centred and calm, whenever and wherever.

I found it, and dived right in – I sold up shop, and travelled the world teaching. I ended up here in North Yorkshire, UK because I met a wonderful girl and we decided to settle down in her home town.

I’m in the perfect location to indulge my love for whitewater kayaking and running in the hills – the North East has got so much.


Image courtesy of    David Turnbull Photography

Image courtesy of David Turnbull Photography

I’m a bit allergic to the terms meditation and mindfulness but they serve a purpose to point you in the general direction of what I teach and practice.

What I and the other Bright Path Ishayas do is so much more than meditation and mindfulness as you might know it, from that app, from that lunchtime workshop, from that podcast.

“I was amazed at the depth of the meditation and the help it can give. It’s opened up a whole new world to me.”

— Chris Sheehan

I know everyone says that about their thing, but that’s my promise:

You will have:

  • the simple tools so that your life truly makes sense

  • a way of connecting with your own source of wisdom and clarity and peace so that you can live a life you’re proud of, and excited by

  • all the support and community you want and need so you will feel like you’re constantly growing in self-mastery and enjoyment of life.

It means you can live 200% of life, and can:

  • make peace with your mind and be the best version of yourself

  • have a tool to leave behind being grumpy and overwhelmed and snappy and depressed for being centred, clear, calm, focussed and simply happy – for no reason

  • enjoy such a simple, practical and enjoyable tool for you to leave stress and struggle and self-sabotage behind ...

  • and be a really great parent, a great partner, great at work and great at your play.

It is the tool that means you can be truly Alive.

Life’s too short for anything else.

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Going inward is not enough ...

As a Bright Path Ishaya monk I've practiced the Ishayas’ Ascension every day since 2003. I love it, but I've found it's not enough just to practice it.

You need to live it.

Your inner practice gives you the rock-solid inner foundation for more, but then you need to take action, you need to follow through in life. It’s a different kind of living – one based in wisdom, joy and possibility, with zero fear, struggle and stress.

Bringing the two worlds of practice and living together is the art of being truly Alive and living 200% of life.

It's what my book, my mentoring, my whole mission is all about.


I can’t tell you enough what a calm mind for a week has done. This is changing my life!

– Richard Evans, graphic designer

It reset my mind and re-booted my soul. The technique was beautiful in its simplicity.

– Phil Eckersley, environmental specialist


I’ve felt clear and calm & have experienced joy bubbles that have been missing for months.

– Laura Tilt, nutritionist

There are few people I would recommend as highly as Arjuna. I immediately felt at ease with him.

- Craig Stumbles, builder

I have been considerate and giving to my wife, I know I haven’t been for years.

– "Mac" McCulloch, armed forces

I now have so many options and choices in what to do and where to go. It’s almost overwhelming!

– Rob Fowler, musician



Testimonials in detail ...

"I have to say that today I’ve been more present with my family, my friends & in my work today than I have been in a very long time. Coaching is all about being in the room & today I couldn’t have been anywhere else other than in the moment. Thanks again!"

  • Luke Judge - personal trainer, The Hub Fitness

“I was amazed at the depth of the meditation and the help it can give. It’s opened up a whole new world to me.”

  • Chris Sheehan

“5 days in Temple Lodge with a beautiful group of Ascenders has been bliss. I had become so un-present from my life I was never actually in my life. Revisiting ascension, turning off phone and Internet for 5 days has been amazing. I realised how disconnected I’d become, constantly distracted wishing things were different. But Life is here, now! I was missing it. With the space provided by the retreat I’ve felt clear and calm & have experienced joy bubbles that have been missing for months. I’ve also been able to ‘hear’ my intuition without the chatter. I had fallen into thinking I didn’t have time for Ascension but experiencing it with fresh eyes has been a great gift. Thank you to everyone on the retreat for making it such a special experience. Now to get living!”

  • Laura Tilt – nutritionist, Tilt Nutrition


“I would just like to say what an amazing three hours, that was the best. I have been to various things – hypnotherapy, counsellors, mind people and how you explained everything made so much of a difference, I’m so happy our paths have crossed. I felt so emotional don’t know why, not questioning it. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will be putting all the tools you gave me to use, thank you so much. Such an inspiring afternoon with so much information.”

  • Margaret Robson


“Simply listening to your voice helps to melt away much of my perceived stress. Thank you. You’re like David Attenborough for the busy mind!”

  • Scot Thompson, LumberJack Inc


“The support this group gives us is amazing. Never seen anything like this supportive before. Thank you so much for keeping me on track.”

  • Yvani Prancic, therapist


“I was worried I wouldn’t be able to relax as the reason I wanted to learn was due to over-anxiety / panic. I found that Ascension makes you able to relax and be at peace with yourself, if you commit and trust the practice.

The thing I like the most was that it makes you realise that you are in control of your mind and not the other way around. Ascension makes me so physically and mentally refreshed after a long hard working day.

I would definitely recommend Ascension as it has changed me massively as a person for the better!”

  • Ben Smale – panel beater, paint sprayer


“My life has changed Archie honestly, I find as I have no built up anger I can communicate with my wife, with no arguments, who also comments on my attitude towards her, I have been considerate and giving, I know myself I haven’t been for years. Just like to say thanks again for the calming  skills you have taught me Archie. I will keep you posted on my progress. Massive thanks from all the McCulloch Clan.”

  • Mr J McCulloch – armed forces


“There have been times when my head is crammed with thoughts, but no matter how I’m feeling I know things will look a darned sight better after ascending. I love that you can’t do it wrong! Suddenly I feel there are endless possibilities in my life… I had been in somewhat of a rut… but now feel I have so many options and choices in what to do and where to go. It’s almost overwhelming. I’m continually surprised by all this!”

  • Rob Fowler, musician


“I just want to thank you by the way, from the bottom of my heart, what you have brought into my life is amazing! Truly, I can’t tell you enough what a calm mind for a week has done! Genuinely it’s actually changing my life! Thank you!”

  • Richard Evans, photographer, graphic designer


“Ascension mediation is the best. I have tried 2 other types of mediation and although they did help, I knew there could be more. I am so grateful for this practice and all the teachers and ascenders for the amazing support.”

  • Cindy Gulbrandsen


“I was so skeptical. It was never anything I’d thought of doing, and the idea of meditating was all a bit airy fairy for me. I thought it might work for others and not me (as my head was crazy!) and was definitely out my comfort zone. It was one of the last things I would of seen myself doing!

I was surprised that there is a very practical down to earth/scientific side to it. And how there are loads of cool people, from all walks of life doing it. It wasn’t airy fairy, and these were normal people who experienced life in an amazing way through Ascension.

I’m like a different person, well the same, but what is left is the best version of myself. It’s the ONLY thing that allowed me to drop the anxiety and depression I’d been carrying with me throughout my life! I didn’t even have to deal with it anymore, it’s like gone!! Weird to think how consumed my life was by that before- like some weird nightmare.“

  • Julia McKenzie – business analyst


“When I first met Arjuna I can remember it was at a time when all I was interested in was to learn ANYTHING that might give me some glimpse of what peace might actually look like. What I can remember was a continuous low level of general dissatisfaction as my baseline experience of life. So I was largely cynical about pretty much everything.

What I was surprised about, and I don’t remember ever being certain about anything, but for some reason from day one at my course something in me felt quite certain that this would be something I would be doing for the rest of my life.

Over the course of the last 10 years I can say that results have been ever changing, continuously evolving. Hard to nail down, but let’s just say a concept of peace moved into a cellular experience of peace, the concept of joy is flowering into a more and more constant joyful life experience and Love? That’s morphed from delusional concept to a very pleasant new understanding, to literally all that can exist.

I would say question yourself about the current level of satisfaction, peace of mind and happiness that you are currently experiencing. Do you desire to have any more those things? If we continue doing the things that we’ve always done we tend to get the results we always got. For me personally Ascension has proven an invaluable tool in showing me what the words satisfaction, peace and happiness mean.”

  • Chris Grotefend – personal trainer, Gorilla Wellness


I've never seen anything like this supportive before.

– Yvani Prancic, therapist

I'd recommend to anyone wanting to learn meditation

– Julia McKenzie, business analyst

Arjuna is clear and still, being in his presence brings peace.

– Bernard Steeds, author

He makes this so simple and his teaching is down to earth.

– Thomas Tvedt, opera singer

I feel so physically & mentally refreshed after a long day.

– Ben Smale, panel beater

Two words to explain Arjuna: gentle and laser.

– Chris Grotefend, personal trainer


Your free guide to 200% of life


“I had felt for some time that I had no direction or clarity and my troubled and unsettled mind directed what I should do and feel. The first sphere course reset my mind and re-booted my soul. I learned a technique which was beautiful in its simplicity; it could be applied Now with eyes closed and, get this, eyes open too.

The Ishaya teachers have found a simple truth and are very experienced, Arjuna in particular, in communicating this to others. Their favourite sayings are ‘play with it’, ‘keep it simple’ and ‘you can’t do it wrong’. If you take this at face value, you can’t go wrong. In many disciplines, there is so much formality and structure which create barriers to the Mind.

So some years down the line, how have I changed as a result of my practice? I do feel calmer and more centred. I feel I can cope more easily with life’s ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. I have my bad moments but I feel more in control of my life than ever before.

Arjuna is a great teacher of the Ascension techniques, I think because he is part of real life. He practises his beliefs in a modern world and is able to communicate the value of the Ascension Attitudes in that context. Or maybe it’s just because he has a real knack for communication!

Often times when I have the privilege of being in the same room and hearing him speak, my mind clicks into place and says to me ‘oh yeah, that feels absolutely right!’. A greater compliment I cannot find.”

  • Phil Eckersley


“I was worried that on my course I would feel like I didn’t ‘fit in’ at all. For a long time I’d never imagined people like myself would be into meditation.

I was (pleasantly) surprised by the cross-section of society represented within the group. People from very different walks of life. I immediately felt very comfortable among people ‘just like myself’!

I like the fact that Ascension techniques are straightforward & simple to apply. You can’t really ‘do it wrong’.

I think that I’m already much less judgmental … (despite being a relative newbie..)

I’m generally much calmer. I used to seek ‘validation’ in my life. Ascension has helped remind me of ‘who I am’… I’m certainly checking my phone a lot less!

I’ve enjoyed interacting with other people: My attitude towards my family, friends & colleagues is much more accepting & respectful … and loving.

I now feel part of a very wide network. There’s the opportunity to attend a group or resit the course anywhere in the country, as well as seeking help from an Ishaya whenever it’s needed. At the same time there’s no pressure to be involved as such … it’s just all there if you need it.

I was sceptical for a long while, but loved the course. The weekend is very relaxing, but also good fun. There was a lot of laughter! Certainly nothing to be nervous about … and it works.

Arjuna has a gentle, calm approach. He eloquently illustrates each point with interesting anecdotes or stories, making everything seem very clear & simple. He’s very respectful & caring, as well as very wise!”

  • Rob Fowler – musician


“Before learning Ascension I was nervous that I’d feel uncomfortable and would want to leave, or be singled out as different or even a freak. And concerned that I might be wasting my money.

But I was surprised how natural and familiar it was to me.  My head was saying no ( perhaps because of negative past experiences of people who thought of them selves as ‘spiritual’) and my heart was screaming YES YES YES! The content of the weekend course even made sense to my mind and the experience appealed to my deepest nature. 

I learned that life doesn’t need to be difficult, there’s another way. The technique has given me inner peace and access to my intuitive knowing. It’s provided me with a road map for my life. 

Ascension is a path of joy. The result of Ascension is living in the present moment, the only place joy can be experienced. What I like about it is its ease, simplicity, and that it works.

It has also given me a community that’s primary purpose is to facilitate and support the fulfilment of my heart’s greatest desire. A life, not without its challenges, and yet lived with purpose, intentionally, in love and joy. And peace of mind.

I would tell anyone who is skeptical that Ascension is the way to go beyond the chatter of the mind to experience what’s truly real, not imaginary. It’s worth everything to find out for yourself.  Ask yourself this question: “What would be the cost, if I ignore this invitation and it REALLY is what I’ve been waiting for?”

There are few people I would recommend as highly as Arjuna. From the beginning I immediately felt at ease with him. He’s at ease within himself and in that can share from a place beyond judgement, with total acceptance of what is. In his presence I feel everything is not only OK, but golden. He and those like him inspire me to greater heights of experience, that which allows my true Self to come out and play.”

  • Craig Stumbles – building contractor


“Honestly, the thing that most concerned me most about Ascension was what was in my head. There were lots of judgements and self-critical thoughts, and I didn’t really want to see them or deal with them. I knew I needed the course.

It surprised me that it was instant. As soon as I began to use the techniques, it was like something opened up in me. There was something I’d been looking for all my life, and I knew I’d found it.

It’s hard to put into words. I’ve been Ascending for a long time now, but when I first learned what I most noticed was that sense of opening up or coming home, of having found what I was looking for. And I mean what my heart was looking for. My mind thought I was trying to get rid of stress and bad memories, but Ascension was never about what I could have less of, it was always about what I could have more of. Truth, joy, peace – call it what you will.

What I liked most of all was the peace. If I was really using the Ascension techniques, the past no longer existed. Everything – and I mean everything – became a big, still, clear space.

I’ve gotten more peace. More laughter. More joy. Relationships that are more real, more honest, more open. The ability to be fully present with my partner and kids, which was something I’d craved but didn’t know how to do – I’d spent a long time in my head. A more creative, authentic life.

Arjuna is awesome. He’s so clear and light. He’s still. His presence brings peace to people, and a sense that everything will be all right, even if he don’t do or say a thing. He’s funny. He’s totally committed to your path. He’s an inspiration.”

  • Bernard Steeds – writer


“I went with a trusted friend who was keen to repeat her Ascension meditation course. So I was more open and curious than anxious at all.

I was amazed how quickly my mind went still! I’d dabbled in a couple of other meditation techniques, neither of which resonated with me.  Ascension, in contrast, “clicked” almost instantly.  It’s so simple—and effective!

The best specific benefit has been the experience, whenever I want it, of a still mind. What a gift this has been! I also like how easy it is to fit into a busy work life, and I love being part of a global community whose lives are motivated by praise, gratitude, love and compassion.

I love having a spiritual life that I feel 100% comfortable with.  Previous involvement in spirituality had always left me feeling embarrassed in some way or other.

I think it’s understandable to be skeptical—most people feel just like that the first time.

But if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Arjuna is a very special guy.  He listens without judging, he’s very good at getting to the heart of the matter (if you’re feeling a bit confused, for example), he’s very compassionate, and he’ll make you smile.”

  • Paul Stuart – owner, Life Long Learning – educational IT


“I was surprised by its combination of simplicity and complexity. It is so simple to do and to fit in my life but the background behind it pleased the scientist in me.

Since learning my anxiety levels have dropped over the last year even though I took on a stressful job. Anytime my head is feeling busy or experiencing difficult situations, the techniques come easily and alleviate any problems I am experiencing.

I love how you can do it with your eyes open. I use it when I am driving, walking or even when someone is offloading their own stress on me verbally! I find it really grounding.

The other things I love about Ascension is meeting lovely people and knowing that there is a whole community of people who feel the same as me. I now prioritise meditation more highly which is a real benefit. A real feeling that my meditation is meaningful and life giving.

I would definitely recommend it to a friend as I feel it can work for anyone from any background, with any beliefs. It is easy to learn whether you have any previous meditation experience or not.”

  • Amanda Clarke, primary school teacher


“I’m a singer, and my idea was that Ascension would help me perform better on stage. One more tool. My expectations were pretty low. And then I showed up there and it changed my life. Ha!

I was surprised. What I expected was a mental tool that might give me 40% of what I wanted. I didn’t expect those easy techniques blowing my mind.

The first thing was that it was so easy, so easy. That really surprised me, and what the technique did. Ultimately they made me feel awesome. That wasn’t an unknown feeling to me, and that is one of the most beautiful things about Ascension. It doesn’t take me to an unknown secret, mystical place, it takes me to a place that I know very well. But before Ascension I didn’t have unlimited access to that space.

Before I learnt I had many things in my life that wasn’t very good. Struggling, new situations, struggling with anxiety and panic attacks that where controlling my life to a level where it almost got too much. In the beginning I didn’t believe Ascension could deal with those huge problems but they did. It took three or so months but then I realised there hadn’t been any anxiety attacks around.

After a while of doing Ascension I realised I was more happy than I had ever been before. I was happy for no reason, every day is more fun than the day before and it has nothing to do with the content of the day. That’s incredible to me.

I always thought I was a melancholic guy, and I always hoped pain would decrease but I never ever thought joy would increase in my life, but that’s what happened. It’s joy to be able to laugh this much.

It changed my life. No – it hasn’t changed the content of my life, it’s changed my perspective on my life. I’m doing the same things in a different way. Ascension has given me the opportunity to live life in a way I never dreamed was possible.

What I also like is that I’ve met some incredible people. I didn’t think that there could be so many cool people in this country. I’ve gotten to know some beautiful, inspiring people.

I’ve been able to embrace my career in a different way. It’s always been stressful for me. The work, but the expectations as well. Ascension has let me approach those expectations in a new way, an easier way.

It has also changed my relationship with my family. it’s truly amazing. The way I interact with my family has really changed.

If all the people in the world could experience the things I’ve experienced, the world would be an amazing place. Ascension is truly about your own experience. It’s not about believing anything, I don’t even need to believe that the tools will work, yet they do.

Arjuna makes this so simple, so simple. And his teaching is down to earth, it’s about the experience, it’s about relationships, it’s about work, it’s about human things, all the things where we spend most of our time. 

It’s so easy to relax around him. I feel very safe and looked after around Arjuna. I couldn’t have gotten a better teacher than him and I’m very grateful for that. He’s a very cool guy.”

  • Thomas Tvedt – classical singer



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