Be Fun, Focused and Free — never again Bewildered, Miserable and Stuck


What is 200% of life?

Let me explain (or scroll down for the details if you're eager).

There are 2 games we play – the inner and the outer.

The outer game is all about your external life circumstances – money, career, relationship, health, sports, hobbies etc. 

The inner game is the foundation that determines the results you get in your external life circumstances.

Similar to building a house, the foundation must be right ...

So the inner game is crucial, and it's the one that is often missed or left until last, "When things slow down," or "When I have time."

The inner game is played against such internal mental and emotional forces as negativity, self-doubt, confusion, fear, overwhelm, regret, guilt, anger and arrogance ...

And the rewards for making even a little progress down this path are fulfilment, satisfaction, calmness, confidence, direction, focus, contentment, meaning, purpose, happiness, peace.

Mastering the inner game makes mastering the outer game simple and straightforward.

It takes all the struggle and strain and stress out of living and achieving.

You live life, every single moment of it, as that very best version of you: Fun, focused and completely free.

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Why 200% of Life?

Mastering the inner game means you can get what you want from life. It involves replacing old limiting patterns and habits and programmes of thinking and feeling, so you don’t:

  • need to be so controlling

  • stop yourself doing what you want to do

  • fall victim to doubt, overwhelm, negativity, fear, anxiety, worry, frustration and anger

  • react in ways you later regret

  • spend your whole life stuck overthinking the past or the future

  • feel "empty", that there's no meaning to life.

And so you can:

  • focus on this moment in time, on the very thing that is in front of you

  • feel that life has meaning and purpose and direction; that it has a point

  • really enjoy this and each and every moment, no matter what it contains, fully alive, content and satisfied with the fruits of your labours, excited about more

  • be a source of inspiration for your loved ones to do the same

  • make a real impact on your community and the world by living the life you were meant to live.

200% of life is full enjoyment and success in the outer game via an ever-fulfilling mastery of the inner game.

It is knowing what it is like to truly be alive.


We’ll work together closely over six months as you move into a greater state of living – a life of 200%. 

  • A foundation of the programme will be you starting and/or deepening a practice of meditation, awareness and mindfulness.

  • I’ll show you exactly what to do, answer all your questions and provide clarity on any difficulties or issues you face.

  • Open to both new and experienced meditators.

  • You will get to know your mind and all its tricks extremely well, enabling you complete freedom of choice in every aspect of your life.

  • This programme isn’t “just” about meditation and mindfulness – it’s about living 200% of life.

  • We'll walk step by step together as you learn how to make your life easier, simpler, and more profound, purpose-filled, productive and peaceful.

  • All sessions will happen via video meeting (Skype or Zoom).

  • Our first meeting will last around 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions will happen every 2 weeks and last around 30-45 minutes.

  • For additional support, when you need it, you can also connect with me via email or WhatsApp messenger.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this programme.

When someone really wants more from life there's a real magic and synchronicity that starts to happen for them, and quickly.

This is a unique opportunity to have all the help you need to end stress, negativity and overwhelm, master the inner game and live the best life possible.


The investment for your 6-month 200% Mentoring Programme is £1197

(If paid in six, monthly instalments the price is £1497)

If you’d like a month working with me, it is £297.

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For dedicated individuals who want to transform their relationship with their minds and all aspects of life ...

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