Military Mental Resilience and Mindfulness

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For serving personnel and veterans only, these courses considerably expand your ability to deal with the particular demands of service life, as well as what comes after.

Utilising a host of useful real-world practical techniques ranging from mindfulness and yogic breathing, to directed self-reflection, journalling, goal setting and planning, these courses give the time and space to take a “condor moment” from the constant demands of work and family.

Not only that, they give you the take-away skills to stay with the “half-step back” from the "inner chimp”, meaning you live in a place where you can notice the warning signs sooner, dealing with whatever is thrown at you before it gets on top of you and beats you down.

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Dashboard Courses – EOD and Search

One very successful example is the Dashboard course, run in conjunction with the Felix Fund and with my colleague Lizzy Judkins.

This particular course is solely for serving military who have conducted or assisted with EOD duties, encompassing any rank and any trade within this capability across the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force or SO15 (Metropolitan Police Counter Terror Unit).

If that is you, or for more information, contact Felix Fund on 07713 752901 or email


What they said:


“My life has changed Archie, honestly, I find as I have no built up anger I can communicate with my wife, with no arguments, who also comments on my attitude towards her, I have been considerate and giving, I know myself I haven't been for years. Just like to say thanks again for the calming skills you have taught me Archie. I will keep you posted on my progress.”

“Always nice to have a recap mate, and thank you for sending all the emails. They do keep me in check!  Keep up the fantastic work you are doing. You are changing lives for the better.”

“Well it has been a week since we left and all my family have now commented on the changes to me, I appear less stressed, more funny and more care free so it is obviously working.  I have managed meditation most days and still feel in a good place.”

“Since finishing the course I can honestly say I approach certain situations differently than my inner 'chimp' would have before. I also have more appreciation for what and who is in my life and it has made a big difference in my attitude and priorities.”

“The course has had a most positive impact on me as I was a lot more calm on my return home. I am absolutely certain that I would be in a completely different position now if it hadn’t been for attending. I would like to thank you both for being the people you are, your genuine concern for us common soldiers was a massive boost to all of us. I believe that all soldiers should attend a course of this type every 5 years.”


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