How to get “The 200% Life” online course for FREE

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Love the book, but want more?

Want me to personally walk you through – step-by-step – how to live the 200% Life?

Want to go deep into the teachings, without having to come on The 200% Life retreat?


“The 200% Life” online course – for FREE


All you have to do is:

  1. Buy a copy of the book – if you haven’t already (click here to find out how)

  2. Take a photo of yourself with it (or your kindle with the 200% cover showing)

  3. There’s an example of what I mean somewhere on this page. Maybe here —> or down there vvv

  4. Then post it on either Instagram or Facebook

  5. Say something nice about it …

  6. MAKE SURE you tag me or mention me in a comment. Instagram: @arjunaishaya. Facebook: ArjunaIshaya

  7. Fill out the form below to tell me you’ve done that

  8. Await the course details and your free pass!

The course begins late February and is online.

I’m still sorting out the exact details, but…

It will consist of 4 (perhaps 5 if I get carried away!) sessions taking you through the teachings of the book.

It will detail the step-by-step things you need to know and practice to gain the solid inner foundation for a really fun, vibrant, effective and exciting outer life.

You’ll be able to watch live and engage with me with questions and comments. Recordings will be available to you can watch again later.

I’ll let you know all the details very shortly!

Here’s an example of an excited chap with his copy of 200%.

Here’s an example of an excited chap with his copy of 200%.


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