19 Things That Don’t Work

When I was a confused teenager (and adult actually), Full of angst and self-doubt,

Looking for a tribe to belong to,

Some kind of purpose to get behind,

I often wished there was a guide book to life.

Or some sense of “live like this and everything will turn out right”.

Ya know?

Many adults are still searching for that sweet spot too -

While you actually find that within,

And so there is NO book of guidance,

Here’s some things I see that clearly don’t work: ____________

1. Bottling stuff up, not talking Resentment then explodes spectacularly, taking heads off

2. Talking too much Because there is a time to move on and talking about it endlessly is a pain in the bottom for all concerned.

3.  Forgetting what is really important to you Leaving your priorities until last (which means never)

4. Taking stuff too seriously Good sign you’re getting too stressed and/or tired

5. Focussing on what’s wrong, what’s missing and totally missing all that is right and good!

6. Ignoring what’s wrong Sticking your head in the ground in the hope it will go away just gives you dirty nostrils

7. Being harsh with yourself Go on, whip yourself again and see if that helps

8. Holding grudges Eats you up quicker than a stomach ulcer

9. Maintaining ridiculous expectations of yourself (and others actually) You are you are you and while goals are awesome, take a chill pill. And who are you doing it for anyway?

10. Comparison Not so it inspires as in “well, if she can do it, so can I” but so it hurts

11. “Should” (Could and would should be there too)

12. Spending all your time in the past or the future Because life is happening under your nose

13. Worrying about what you can’t control As useful as hitting your head against a brick wall

14. Giving into fear and therefore not doing what you CAN control Not doing and avoidance isn't a path to happiness

15. Fighting, resisting, blaming Because that helps in the face of an undeniable reality ...

16. Gossip It’s only to make yourself feel and seem better - there could be other, better ways, ya think?

17.  Feeling guilty for doing stuff that recharges you Why exercise or close your eyes to meditate or read a book when you could be scrubbing the floor?

18. Forgetting to laugh Life's too short for laughing

19. Forgetting to speak out your gratitude and appreciation They can't read your mind _______

There you go ....

And so - what shall you do about it?

I would personally:

Get present, get truly mindful.

Then that will show you when any of the above pop up.

It becomes super clear.

Your regular practice to close your eyes teaches you how to live the best version of you.

Like a block of ice melting in a hot bath,

Your habits and pattens leave you.

But you gotta get in the bath regular so it happens.

Want more help on that?

You got it ——————> https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb

Go well Arjuna



No excuses:

A whole day for you.

These don't happen very often.