Stealing Great Questions

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Tim Ferriss is a well known author and interviewer.

His whole thing is talking to amazing people in order to find out the strategies, tips, techniques and tactics they have and use … his theory (in short) being you then replicate some of these things to get more amazing in your own life.

Needless to say, just hearing inspiring people’s stories is inspiring. The tales, the experiences, and the lessons behind them are worth the price of admission to Tim’s podcast alone.

How does Tim get such good stories? He simply asks great questions … and then sits back and truly listens.

There’s a powerful lesson right there.

Want better relationships? Ask great questions … and then truly listen, with all of your being.

One of his questions I love so much I stole for my own interviews with very cool people (for the 200% Life Online Summit coming early in the New Year).

The question is:

“What advice would you give the younger you?”

In all cases I think, and this is exactly true in my interviews, Tim gets an answer along the lines of:

“Chill out, stop panicking and struggling, it all works out in the end.”

Nice huh?

What advice would you give the younger you?

I personally would certainly say something exactly along the lines of the above.


If this is the case for the advice you would give the younger you … 

What might be the advice would an older version of you, say twenty years in the future, give you right now?

Good question huh?

As one of my expert guests loves to ask: “What if this could be easy?”

My question to you then, is what will it take for you to remember your own advice?

What stops you remembering?

And how will you remember to not forget?

Because these questions are at the heart of every single person’s life.

What we crave from life isn’t the possessions, prestige or pounds, it’s the experience of being truly alive.

This is the holy grail of life, the thing we all are looking for, and … indeed as all my experts, and many of Tim’s too, have mentioned … we just look in the wrong place for it.

Success in life isn’t an outside game. It’s all about the inner.

Life isn’t so much about the outer people, situations and circumstances, it is all about the inner reactions and responses to these things.

Life isn’t so much about the what, but all about the how.

And if you hear me on this, my advice to you would be to use that inner direction to be more alive today than you were yesterday.

Be more alive tonight than you were this morning.

Be more alive now than you just were, a moment ago.

Then you’ll get to the end of your life with a truly phenomenal ride. The older version of you will come back, high five you and tell you to keep going, because it only gets better.

Go well!

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