Why? Weekly round up for the new year!

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Why hallo there!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and holidays?

I did. I do have a spectacularly great extended family – and I realise I’m lucky in that regard – so it was easy and fun to hang out and play games and eat and drink and go for walks.

Have a superb New Year, you might find something below that will help you make it one. I hope so.

As always let me know how I can help.

Go well!

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Quote I found:

“I am a lover, and I deal in love. Sow flowers, so your surroundings become a garden. Don’t sow thorns; for they will prick your feet. We are all one body, whoever tortures another, wounds himself.”
― Rahman Baba

A better principle for the New Year I cannot think of. There I go, getting all back to front Yoda on you again, but the sentiment remains.

One of the philosophical questions of life is “Who am I?” – a very important question. However, equally important is “Why am I?” and I can’t think of a better why than love. Can you? You might think of more to add, but love has got to be in there, doesn't it?

Video I made:

New Year naturally leads me to a review, taking stock, and the question “Am I doing life the way I want to?” has been there a lot for me. I’m really enjoying taking a look to see, to jot down somethings, to make some changes, to reinforce some good things. It reminds me of what’s truly important, not just urgent.

This is a video I made about that, but also the Who am I and Why am I questions above. Hope you enjoy it.


Film I saw:

Just watched “Free Solo” – about a rock climber taking on El Capitan, one of the biggest and hardest walls in the world, all by himself, all without a rope. 3000 feet of hard, hard climbing, with no safety net.

I don’t know if this will appeal to everyone, but I found it liberating. Exciting. Thrilling too. The guy next to me was squirming in his seat for a big chunk of the film.

I found it liberating because, yes, it’s a rock climbing film about a very unique individual, but it was also a spiritual journey. 

The film is about fear and doubt, integrity and doing what you love – and again, it brought me to the question I ask above, “Am I doing life the way I want to?”.
You probably will find different answers to the star of the film, and I hope you do, but I think you’ll be all the richer for the asking of the question.

Here’s the trailer:

Article I wrote:

"What is your why?"

There’s a theme this week, isn’t there? This blog allowed me to explore everything I talk about above in greater detail.

“Who are you?” is one question, an important one at that. Critically though there also needs to be “Why are you?”

Without a why you get so lost, so easily. Don’t get lost – remember your why.

Here’s the link:



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See you about. Take care, and thanks for reading.