If you had three wishes, what would you ask for?


When you were a kid, did you ever play the game of, “What would I wish for if I had three wishes?”, courtesy of the story of the genie in the lamp?

Given that the only rule was that you couldn’t wish for more wishes, I spent hours imagining the top three things I wanted.

It was tough, deciding on those three most important things – and what made it tougher was that one pick was always already taken:

Making the world a better, nicer, more peaceful place.

This was a permanent fixture because it was just super obvious to me that a lot of the people I came across weren’t that happy, a lot of the time.

And I knew that the world would be so much more fun if everyone else was happier, more content, more peaceful … and so that’s what I wished for. (Ultimately selfish, but I guess in a good sense, huh?)

Wishes are nice, aren’t they? But what about practicalities in this real world? “What can I do?”, so many people ask.

You can do so much.

You see, who you are makes a very real difference.

(What you do is another story, but the baseline, the foundation of making this difference is always how you do whatever you do.)

Your peace and happiness is contagious. Your clarity of mind, your purity of heart, your presence is powerful. Your compassion and kindness and understanding to others gives people such support, it makes them feel heard.

In a world with less and less true connection, you being present and aware and truly with someone makes all the difference – to them. They go away and spread awareness and presence and love to someone else, and so on, and so on.

Taking the time to nourish your own being makes you an awesome force of good. You may not even know it, but you become like a beacon, a lighthouse … a source of stability and of hope.

Your story, your experiences, your journey ... it is all worth something. People see that transcending limitation and negativity and prioritising the truly important in life can be done because you’re doing it, and they know:

If you can do it, so can they.

Whether their heads hear that or not (“It’s alright for them, they’re special …”), their hearts do.

“Working” on yourself means you become the person you were born to be, it means you have the impact on the world you came here to have.

The greatest thing is that it all begins within you, right here, right now. It may take a little direction, a little practice, a little dedication, but you don’t need anything adding. You’ve got it all, you just need to tap into that and be it.

You are enough. More than enough.

Alrighty? It’s the greatest journey of them all, and everyone wins when you take it.