And The Results Are In!

From your emails telling me about your biggest challenges, the results are in. And thank you for those - they really help me help you -




Bad habits you can't seem to shift.

Triggers, knowing what triggers you but still reacting nonetheless.

Feeling like you don't make enough quality time for your family, for doing the stuff you love to do.

Not getting work/life balance.

Stress, worry and anxiety.

That whiny voice inside giving you all the reasons why you can’t and so you shouldn’t and "what’s the point anyway?"

That harsh inner critic that is constantly on the whip telling you how wrong you are.

All in all ^^^ an excellent place to start.

From what you are saying it's obvious to you that your greatest opponent lies within.

Which is a wonderful state to be in because it makes dealing with your challenges so much easier.

If you said it your biggest challenges came from outside of you then that's tough.

Changing others is HARD work.

Changing yourself - if you know the right ways - is so much simpler.

It's the inner game that dictates how you live.

How much calm, focus, happiness and fulfilment you experience.

Or how much stress, anxiety, distraction, confusion and “Is this all life has to offer me??” you have.

And it is a game -

Or at least you can come to see it as a game.

Because that makes it all a bit easier.

If you’re willing to face up and really examine your opponent (and that is the hard part) -

It’ll make this game all the more simpler.

Because when you honestly look you’ll realise there is very little you don’t know about them.

They’re in your head all day long - and they haven’t changed significantly all these years you’ve been on the planet.

Knowing the opponent is an awesome idea -

Because then you can EXPECT the voice, you can EXPECT the obstacles that they’ll throw up.

Expecting what the opponent will say and do is half the battle - ignoring that voice then becomes extremely simple.

Instead of doing battle - you shift your attention to other things, the right things.

And that is where the inner game is won.

From that you get peace, a sense of purpose, the ability to focus on whatever you want and ignore all distractions and worries, life gets easier and so much more fun.

Just so you know - it's not about killing your opponent.

You don't need them to shut up or even go away.

You just need to learn to shift your attention and they dry up through lack of nourishment.

They're only alive because you - unconsciously - feed them.

How about that?!

You want to do something about it?

You want to master this inner game - and therefore have the best foundation for everything else you do?

If I were you, I would sign up here without delay: Go well! Arjuna - PS. It is the only game in town.

And a game best played with a smile in your heart and a tune on your lips.

Keep it simple, okay?