I’ve just gotten back from teaching on the Isle of Man. It was so great. An amazing land, it feels old. Incredible people there too - if I didn’t have a family to return to, I’d have stayed longer. Here’s a quote I found on the way home: __________

The worst bullies you will ever encounter in your life are your own thoughts. - Bryant H Mc Gill __________

Isn’t that true?

Coming to terms with the harshness of your own head is crucial not only in feeling relaxed, content, confident, but in doing anything. The greatest critic is in your own head and if you can overcome that, you’re set for life.

It’s hard enough to do anything, you don’t need a handbrake like your own mind.

The great thing is, you need do so little to overcome it.

Just see it ... “I see you!!” is the greatest thing for choice.  You do not need to change it, or make it go away. See it, and bring your attention to something else.

If it squeaks and tells you what a loser you are? How you’re never going to get there? All that rubbish it can come up with?

Just ignore. It hates being ignored! It hates it, because all of a sudden you’re not even caring. It loses all it’s power. It loses all it’s relevance to you in one simple stroke. OK?

You don't need to fight it. Just as the ocean need not fight the fish that swim through it, you don't need to fight the thoughts - whatever they may be - that swim through your head.

So make it that simple. See it. And meditation, regular practice is an incredibly useful tool for getting good at ignoring those bullies in your own brain. So why not sit down and give yourself even just 10 minutes?

Good job!

Go well Arjuna

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