Don’t do a single thing!

I assume you’re reading these little whitterings of mine because you want to live the fullest, richest life. You want to be a better person - to enjoy your life, to help your loved ones, to make your community and your world a better place too.

The fact is you are already this better person that you seek.

This whole path is knowing that better happens just through the means of being present - because there, when each of us stops trying to improve, defend and correct ourselves, there is a space of presence and goodness. It already exists within, by just resting you are it.

That is the whole purpose of meditation and mindfulness. It is to relax into what is already there. It is dropping the insistences and demands and prejudices of your mind and being what you have always been.

You can’t think about this - you have to be it. The thought about it is nothing, the experience of it is everything.

There you are, rest, let go, just be right now.

Job done!

Need help? Just ask, I'd be happy to.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. A great practice for remembering just to stop and be this true nature of yours?

Right here: