Drained and stressed OR Alive and blessed?

Want to be a smiley yellow ball? Of course you do! Read on ... To live a life where you’re excited rather than stressed and drained, content and grateful rather than dissatisfied, fully present and focused rather than spending all your time regretting the past and worried for the future, being a wonderful role model, anchor and inspiration for your loved ones, as opposed to letting that snappy, grumpy beast out …

When you stop and put your mind to it, when you nurture that, this life can come quite simply. It does.

The Good is always here, and many times it just takes a reminder to open your eyes to see it. When you see it, you live it - every part of your life responds.

How do YOU remind yourself to live the Good, nay Great, life?

What do YOU do to stop and connect with and nurture that really best version of you?

I know it’s easier, sometimes, to just go through the motions of life. I know it can sometimes be easier to grump and whine and all the rest of it. I know it can sometimes be easier to get into a habit of rushing around trying to get all your jobs done and responsibilities out of the way and “then I’ll get to take time to connect and nurture the inner …”

But I know this for sure:

Look after the inner first and the outer follows sweetly and smoothly.The inner connection makes everything Great, and Greater. It means you can sail through the tough times.

If you like quotes, because I certainly do, Meister Eckhart, that groovy German monk from way back, once said the very same thing: ________

“What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.” ________

So see it as a practice. See it like brushing the teeth of your soul, nutrition for your Being. Something you do everything single day.

Put yourself in the way of inspiration and reminders and the Good, and reap the benefits.

(That’s your homework for today by the way.)

Go well! Arjuna

PS. It’s the very reason I close my eyes and meditate every day. It’s the very reason I hang out with fun, inspired, inner anchored people as much as possible. It’s the very reason I teach and share all this stuff:

Inspiration and reminding and deepening of the Good in every moment and in every part of my life.

Here's a free guide on exactly how to do that: