I was horrified at myself

The perfect journey …

At the time when you do something silly - something that even horrifies you, Perfection is that last thing on your mind.

I know all about being disappointed, dispirited, discouraged, and otherwise disappointed in words or actions of my own (Like my thesaurus work?).

Those moments come back to haunt you, don’t they?

A flashing through of memory, and before you know it, you’re slapping yourself on the forehead and going “you idiot!” - for something that has long gone.

One of the reasons I got into meditation was to find a balance …

That balance between acknowledging I’d done something stupid (learning), and forgiving myself for the fact.

Forgiveness was the main theme, as I was extremely good at the learning part, evidenced by the telling myself off for things said and unsaid (the old “you should have said this and that …”)

What Ascension meditation in particular has done for me, is the ability to forgive myself.

To realise that life isn’t so much poles of right and wrong, but being on a journey.

Of simply having a reset button and going again, attempting to live a little bit better than yesterday.

When that habit of self-violence goes away - and it most certainly does when you learn not to unconsciously feed it -

What is left is a feeling of perfection.

That you are in the perfect place in the perfect time.

That you live through something so you can truly move forward on it, and become a better version of you.

The greatest thing my Ascension teacher said to me was this:

The only reason I go through anything?

Was so I could help others through experience.

Without making “mistakes” - how could I ever help anyone else?

So in that, are there ever really any mistakes? Or just springboards and invitations for a higher, more real, more profound, more compassionate life?

Take it easy out there,

Go well



You know I teach and practice the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension, a wonderfully simple set of meditation tools for living the above.

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But - I want these blogs to stand alone.

I want you to be inspired to make today more profound, more present, more fun than yesterday.

To not settle for less, to not just get by, but live 200% - a truly Alive life.

And sometimes all that takes is a reminder.

Let me know how I can help with that, I’d love to chat.