It Was An Inside Job Guv

inside-jobSaw the CHOICE film the other night.

Quick review -

Documentary about people from all over the world who decide to make their quality of life number one priority.

Take a moment - most of all, what do you want from life?

Is it a priority for you in each and every day?

I imagine not. You get distracted, just getting through the day.

Don't let the drudgery and busyness win:

Make what is most important to you a priority.

Keep coming back to that and you will have it sooner rather than later.

That’s what all these people in the film were serious about:

Actually making sure they got MORE from the life they are living.

There were many tales, many different backgrounds, many different cultures -

But they were united in the quest for more.

The businessman thought his happiness and peace lay in making more money and retiring early.

The revolutionary thought her happiness and peace lay in political independence.

The raver thought his happiness and peace lay in drugs and the altered state.

They all discovered that more isn’t about the outside.

It’s an inside job.

It has nothing to do with your situation or circumstances.

Not what you do but how you do it.

It’s all about your reaction, your inner focus, your ability to take nothing seriously.

It’s all about your connection to the calm presence within.

The prisoners in jail for life said exactly the same thing.

When they looked outward they saw bars.

When they looked inward they found freedom.

You want that?

In your life, as it is?

You can have it, I promise.

You need to make a change in the way you’re living though.

Look within, make it about your levels of peace and presence.

Make it about how you react to life.

You’re in charge there - you have control.

You have choice.

But make that inner choice and ALL of your outer choices become simpler.

Easier. Lighter. More straightforward. More fun.

It will take work.

You need to practice.

You need to return to being present and positive,

And the best means I know of for that is meditation.

If you’re serious about more, I have squeezed in a quick course before Christmas gets too mad.

Get a seat and I’ll give you everything you need to know to live a life of quality.

It’ll be fun!

And maybe even mean you can fly through Christmas, with all the social engagements that you might not want to be at with more ease than ever before.

Claim your choice!

Let me know how I can help, - Arjuna

PS. It's so ingrained that life has to be tough, it has to be hard.

What if that was just a lie?

What if you could have an amazing life?

What if?