It’s All Over!

The big day is done. All the roast potatoes are eaten.

Dishes? Done or in the sink “soaking”.

Kids? Exhausted from their 5am getup on the big day.

Presents opened, chocolate tree decorations consumed, hangovers (perhaps) now in full flow.

I hope you had a great time. Life is there to enjoy, is it not?

So what next? As you send your in laws off and on the road (with a sigh of relief maybe?)

As life returns to “normal” …

As you get a moment to yourself, away from everyone else,

Why not take a little time and have a look.

How do you want normal to be?

What do you want standard operating to entail?

How do you want to be in your relationship? In your job or your business? In your health and fitness? In the things you love to do?

Are you going to do the same things (and get the same results)?

Or are you going to try and do things differently?

Who will help you? What will hinder you?

And what’s your plan?

So many questions I know …

But it’s traditional at the end of the year isn’t it?

To take stock and to see what worked, what didn’t work.

Important too.

Otherwise you just get the same.

And if the same is fine with you, then well done.

If not?

You can do something about it.

It takes so little and you gain so much.

As do the people you love.

Because when you’re at 100% everyone wins.

But when you’re not, no one really does.

And why not?

Why not indeed.

I gotta go - the river is a calling.

Go well!



I know seeing what you want to do is one thing, but the how is another thing.

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