Jekyll and Hyde - Your 2 Faced Existence

Seeing a brother and sister in a kitchen over the Easter weekend: Snapping, controlling, struggling for dominance …

Both cool people separately, but put them together:

Ooh! Old family patterns coming back with a force.

Is funny to see, isn't it?

At least it’s funny when you see it in someone else.

But how about you?

How do you react around family?

Don't worry - I know.

It's pretty clear you have a “Best You” and a “Bad You”, right?

A Jekyll and a Hyde …

Taking life (and family) with a smile, clear, focussed, calm, fulfilled, fluid, happy …

Or grumpy, confused, stressed, reactive, controlling, regretful …

How do you know which one will come out today?

It’s random isn’t it?

At least I know it seemed random to me.

I’d just get jumped by Bad Me.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed,

With a huge button in the middle of my chest saying:

“Bait me” -

And so people did - without even knowing it.

There seems to be no control -

Although there is a pattern.

All going well in life?

Smoothly going to plan?

Nothing too unexpected or random firing at you?

No personages who create a little friction with you close by?

Plenty of rest and sleep?

Great - easy to be happy and calm.

But throw in a problem?

Something happens that you don’t want or didn’t expect?

Getting close to people who wind you up?

How does that shape your mood?

Which version of you comes out then?


It sucks to have your internal mood and corresponding reactions determined by external events or people.

Because you’re like a monkey on a chain, tugged this way and that, with no control, no choice.

Good news -

You can get free of this chain.

You can get control of which part of you comes out.

You can.

It takes a little practice, but the great thing is:

The good you? The best version of you?

It’s right there, just there.

You just need to choose for it, to create the space to be that.

Getting out of your head and learning to be present is an excellent start.

Mastering your mind and your habitual chain reactions changes all of life.

All of life. And all of your reactions and actions.

If you’re interested in that, here’s how to get going on that, so simply: Keep the peace!



It changed my entire way of interacting with people and indeed my life.

It meant I could be the boss of my mind and my emotions and not let them be the boss of me.

A huge relief to have freedom of choice and be independent of the ups and downs of the world, you know?

And no longer be embarrassed and regretful when Bad Me fronted up, quicker than quick and did something or said something stupid.