Not what you’ve been sold, is it?

In this day and age where being super busy is a twisted sign of honour and social standing … “I am SO busy, therefore I am important and involved in great works”.

Meditation is sold as a means to be more productive, to focus harder, get clearer and more energetic. To achieve, because if you’re not achieving you’re taking up space, and wasting your life …

And meditation certainly does help with focus and clarity; however ...

This "achieve" way of living can also mean you feel guilty for taking a break, for taking some air, for slowing down and smelling the roses. In other words, truly appreciating your life.

Truly tasting your coffee, playing with your kids, connecting with your partner, recharging your batteries, looking after your health, your mental wellbeing …

“I’ve got no time for that” says that mad man/woman in your head.


The fact is meditation gives you what you NEED, not necessarily what you WANT, and most definitely not what you EXPECT.

Sometimes you embark on a regular practice of meditation and instead of entering this hyper achieve, hyper productive mode like you think you SHOULD, all you want to do is do nothing - indeed, all you CAN do is relax and rest, because it would seem you’re more tired than usual.

It’s a good sign you’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while now. You’ve been exhausting yourself and you didn’t even know it.

Your body is taking the chance to catch up, to really re-energize. Not a short term fix, not a cup of coffee and keep going, but a real chance to heal and recharge on a much deeper level than you’ve allowed yourself for a long time.

It doesn’t meet your plan, I know. But if you’re open and go with it you’ll be given a way of living that is full and rich - not just sustainable but nurturing, truly Alive.

Something like the Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension meditation tunes you into a way of living that is fluid, non-demanding and non-insisting. And what a way to live that is. When you’re ready to go, you go; when you need to rest, you rest.

Tune in. Stop insisting and demanding. Get real balance. You’ll be so much happier and ironically, way more productive.


Let me know how you’re going with all this.

Go well!



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