Perfect slice of wisdom for you

One of the members of my Facebook group for my free 7 day mindfulness challenge said something there recently that is pure magic: “When you get present and aware, you realise that the small things are actually the big things”.

That is SO true, and such a rewarding perspective. What a slice of wisdom (my favourite slice, closely followed by pizza slice) -and she knows it because she experiences it, it's not just a nice bunch of wise words - they are lived. All the seemingly big "important" stuff? All the stuff that takes up most of your attention? Your to do list with all it’s haste and hustle and bustle and what not?

They ARE important, but at the same time they aren't really that important - at the end of the day - are they? ... and that is the clarity you get.

The small stuff, the things you probably take for granted? Like when Bubba is trying to get my attention and I just want to finish one more line of ... this. She won't be trying to get my attention forever ... yet her little smile is the most important thing in the world to me.

When you practice mindfulness and meditation you actually start to live a life aligned with what is TRULY Important to you, and that is a very very satisfying way to live life.

So this isn't just a nice trick to deal with stress, it's the way you discover what it means to truly be alive. Then you can really shine!

That’s what I reckon anyway - why not give it a try and prove me wrong? Go on.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Here you go - some things you want to learn that will make you wise. Simple, powerful, relaxing, transformative:

Live the wisdom! Be the wisdom!