Super simple trick to staying super sane in a super busy life

Yesterday we talked about poop and how resentment can build from giving to everyone without giving to yourself. How crucial it is to take time to do nothing.

To recharge and get perspective and calm again.

I said there was another thing -

That you can do that means you stay level headed, calm and clear of a grumpy, snappy, guilt ridden, worrisome, super busy head -

Even in the busiest of lives.

Super dooper simple:

When you’re doing something, just do that one thing.

Do that thing without thinking about everything else you have to do.

Making coffee? Just make coffee.

Driving? Just drive.

Doing laundry? Just launder.

On the phone? Just listen and talk, nod your head and gesticulate (if you do that even though the other person can't see you).

On the loo? Just be on the loo.

Exhausting is it when you do one thing and think of everything else too.

You think it’s efficient -

“haha! I shall make tea and take the chance to think and plan and organise!”

Yet the result is you’re thinking ALL the time.

And that is exhausting.

It feels like you’re on the job 24/7

And you are - because you never stop, in your head at least.

Which is a huge factor.

One thing at a time.

Be in the same place as your body.

Busy as you may be, take mini-rests.

Walking between tasks?

Just walk and breathe. Walk and breathe.

Need to plan and organise? Make a time, sit down, plan and organise.

Don’t do it on the fly.

Then everything is simple and easy and manageable.

And you don’t get stress building up,

With your head becoming an unstoppable monster.

Unleashed in the small hours of the morning,

Or on your unsuspecting loved ones when they least deserve it.

(They always get it don’t they? I know that all too well from past experience)

Easier to stay on the level than try and play catch up.



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Go well! Arjuna


Small simple habits create something sensational.

You just gotta remember.


Ascend and need a day to remind yourself of the why?

Trying too hard, or just given up and what to jump back in?

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