The coolest and most useful trick in the world

Standing on one foot used to be the trick I wanted to do so much. I was 2, I think, at the time … then it was learning to juggle. That was pretty cool when I finally managed it, then I found I could juggle AND stand on one foot. Then I did a yoga class and realised I REALLY needed to up my game … but hey, enough about me ...

Balance - a very cool trick! The balance I want to talk about here isn’t so much about standing on one foot and doing tricks like some bizarre yogi acrobat …

The best, most USEFUL, kind of balance is much, much different.

This is the kind of balance that loves having goals, getting stuff done, becoming, but at the same time is based in absolute contentment in what you have right now.

It’s a tricky thing - and yet to live well, contentment is very necessary. So often people get overwhelmed when trying to hold together a busy life. Negativity can creep in "I'll never be able to do that" ... Or annoyed when you hear about someone else’s adventures, comparing and regretting the state of your life that means you can’t do what he or she’s doing.

The best kind of balance is indeed founded in this moment in time. The future, the past, comparison - all of these things are not of now. They don’t help contentment at all. And yet just being content without passion or purpose means you probably won’t even get out of bed.

You can, and you should, have a foot in both camps. You will find they nurture each other. With goals comes excitement and aliveness. With contentment is the end of overwhelm and stress. And it means you have the clarity and perspective to get to where you want, with style and without angst. No matter what happens, no matter the ups and downs of outrageous fortune, you are secure in presence and contentment.

So tune into now. Find balance.

Go well! Arjuna


Balance takes practice. It’s your natural state so to speak, but definitely take practice to remember how to be this way.

Simple though, when you practice the right things. Here's a little free cheat sheet I put together of all the ways you can live a balanced, content, alive life:

Check it out!