The Pause - you’ve been doing it all along

Last time I talked about how “The Pause”. Gettit?

The Pause has capitals for sure, because it’s a meaningful (and meaningless) moment or minutes where you just stop and do nothing. Where you collect yourself, where you break up the busy-ness and the haste and the “got to get things done” for a period of time of your choosing.

It looks like you’re zoning out, you’re switching off, blanked out perhaps … and you are in a sense, but more like you’re zoning IN to what is real and true and calm and centred about you.

Kids do it all the time - I think we perhaps get it “beaten” out of us, told to pay attention, to stop “day dreaming”, you know?

Many people wrote in with exclamation marks and said how what they were already doing now made sense to them. Perhaps it was that pause over a cup of tea, the morning walk where they stop and just stare out at the scenery. Those precious moments just listening to that wonderful piece of music. Taking more time in the shower, feeling the hot water make your body lose and heavy.

Whatever - it’s taking time to remember to live, rather than just rush.

Some were worried it was some kind of epileptic fit, something wrong, something broken … and I don’t know your particular case but I bet good money it’s more about taking a quick moment from all the activity.

Completely natural - it’s required for your sanity even.

If you think about your wellbeing like a bank account … so many people only spend, spend, spend. They are far into overdraft, and if you’ve ever been there it’s a tough place to be in. The Pause is about depositing goodness (energy, balance, perspective, mind space, good humour) back in so you don’t run out.

We naturally do it as kids and the only thing is adults forget, or think they shouldn’t, that it’s not important.

Actually it’s the most important thing in the world. And it’s not rocket science, so keep it simple. Go well! Arjuna

PS. For me, learning meditation took The Pause to a greater level. I recommend it, fully and completely. It meant I was able to pause while even in the middle of vigorous activity. “How so??” you might ask … and it’s a great question.

The Pause is a wonderful to do in your life.

When you do it, you start to recognise that the present, silent space that you tune into when you completely pause all activity is also there in the middle of activity, all activity. It’s a weird thing to explain in words but if you’ve ever had a Flow or Zone experience you’ll know it super well.

The thing about Flow and Zone states is that the intensity gets dialled up hugely. Everyone is trying to chase and recreate this intense experience and yet a subtle, quiet one is under their nose, the whole time. They're missing out because they're everywhere looking except for the one place it is, here.

Anyhow, if you'd like to know more to meditation and mindfulness here's a couple of free guides I think you'll really like: www.arjunaishaya/freestuff