Well, it’s alright for you Mr Monk

Some people assume that since I have a modicum of calm and contentment and self-awareness, that I was born this way. “It’s alright for you” they say, assuming that I have remained static throughout my life. It’s not the case. Being the way I am now, living the life I live now, and my attitude to it all - it has come from practice. In fact, it's all come from a determination to not let the negative and overwhelmed habits of my mind win.

Which is great news -

If I can get a degree of mastery over the limitation of my own mind, then you can too - no matter where you think you are beginning from. It’s just a matter of practicing until you become so good you can do it with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back (if you like that sort of thing).

Honestly - practice makes all the difference, and especially so when you’re ready to quit, when you’re thinking you’re useless and a loser, and what’s the point anyway? When you’re filled with negativity. When you’re filled with overwhelm, when you’re almost sick with worry and anxiety or doubt or regret.

I know these things. But no matter what is going on for you, there is a better way to live life. There is, and it’s definitely something you can have. And I think your heart knows that to be true - otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. It won’t let you quit until you find a way of living superbly, no matter what your head says.

You practice the right things and you will come out the other side. There’ll be a time when you might look back and you know you won’t ever go back to misery because you have mastered the cause of your own pain and suffering.

Then you can truly help someone else - from experience. And they’ll listen, because you’re talking the truth.

So don’t ever believe that calm and contentment, freedom from the limitations of your mind is only for someone else. That everyone else gets it, but you never will. That is, as they say, just complete bullpucky. You just ignore those thoughts and keep stepping and you’ll get there.

Alright? And if I can help? Please just drop me a line.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Here’s a little practice that can really help you master your mind - a simple way to fill up your day with more awareness and presence, calm and joy.

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