What do you LOVE?

I went kayaking yesterday.

It is my FAVOURITE thing to do,

Apart from eating.

And it’s been ages since I was in my boat, my lovely boat.

Interesting thing -

I almost didn’t go.

It’s the first time in months that the river has been up,

And I was making ALL these excuses why I shouldn’t and couldn’t.

How Sumati might feel about me going out to play.

So much talking myself out of it.

Absolutely - It meant I had to rearrange a few things,

I now owe Sumati one (more),

But how big was my smile when I came home?


A bit of hassle for some extra love in my heart.

You have to do the stuff that gives you a buzz, that you love,

No one’s going to do it for you,

Your own head will tell you all the reasons why you can’t,

You might even feel guilty for leaving your loved ones so you go have some fun.

But - if you're aware of that ^^^ and choose to do something different ...

It makes you shine.

It makes you a happier, more inspiring person to be around.

It makes life worth living.

So I know you have to compromise sometimes in life,

You may have to negotiate, as well -

Yet do make sure you do the stuff that makes you come alive.

Don’t just stuff it and think it’s unimportant. Because it’s not.

It’s not selfish - they win too, cos they get the great, very best version of you.

Getting that balance, making sure you do the things that mean you are Alive is something that can only come through greater awareness.

Awareness of what you are telling yourself -

Mindfulness and meditation really is such a simple way of making sure you have the best foundation for each and every day.

Here’s your free guide to being more mindful in each and every day:


Go well!



How you doing?

Let me know if you have any questions, ok?