What? It's all changing?!

changeIndeed, it is all changing. Some time ago, and more recently too come to think about it, I said that I was teaching a lot of sports men, specifically outdoor athletes (actually a lot more).

Hence the arrival of the new guinea pig trial I’ve been telling you about.

Now if you do love the outdoors you may choke a bit at the word “athlete”.

It seems too “serious”, or “competitive”, even though I know for sure some of you are more competitive than say, an English footballer (which isn’t hard. Ooh - low blow but being a New Zealander I got to get them in). Indeed, with you perhaps that fire is just directed inwards more.

But the thing is I don’t have another word other than athlete.

Aficionado I have trouble spelling.

Enthusiast just sounds creepy.

And “outdoor men” just sounds like lumberjacks with beards.

So yeah, I’m having trouble with naming.

Anyhow - things, and the times, are changing.

Since these guys are knocking on my door so much, I’m going to directly talk to them way more.

Part of that is this new trial that I’m doing in Darlington, which is very exciting.

Link here, if you fit the bill:


But the other thing is that I’m creating a brand new email list.

This one is coming to an end.

Closing down (very shortly).

It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed myself (I have).

It’s just time for something a little different.

And it’s time to do some house-cleaning too, see who actually opens these here emails.

If you’re interested in daily tips and emails and bad jokes all wrapped up in meditation and outdoor stuff and sports, then you may be interested in joining us:



(you might have to click on a link in your email to confirm you want to)

But if not, thanks for your attention, your reading, your comments, your everything.

It’s been swell. But now the swelling has gone down.

If I can leave you today with one tip:

Make the time to make yourself better, in as many ways as you can see. Nourish you, and everyone wins. When you’re half arsed, no one wins.

Don’t fool yourself either - honestly look and see where you need help and go get it. A coach/teacher/mentor saves soooooo much time and effort.

That’s not just me selling my services, that’s me saying don’t try and do it by yourself like I used to.

Have fun! Arjuna

PS. yup, so new email list that will start to crank up in the next few days

The right stuff on greater performance and enjoyment in the outdoors.

It will be different. It may not suit you even.

Here’s the link if you want more on ditching self-doubt and fear and enjoy way more confidence, clarity and focus in the outdoors in the North East:


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