What would happen to you if … ?

What would happen if you gave up all of your shoulds, woulds and coulds? What if you quit all your insistences?

What if you dropped all your comparisons, evaluations, prejudices, judgements?

What if you stopped putting yourself under so much unnecessary pressure, trying to live up to unrealistic expectations?

What if you were nicer and gentler to yourself?

What if you stopped mentally running off and speculating over and over on an unknown future, a future you had no control over?

What if you were able to just quit worrying and being anxious?

What if you could stop snapping and flying off the handle?

What if you just spoke those words when you really need to?

What if you had the courage to change those things you want to change?

What if you had the serenity to accept the things you couldn’t?

What if you were wise enough to know the difference?

What if you stopped regularly to switch off, to enjoy, to smell the roses?

What if you looked after yourself first, even for just a small amount of time, so you didn’t end up exhausted and resenting them?

What if you stopped pining for a nostalgic past and fully embraced your present situation?

What if you were able to ignore those voices in your head?

What if you could laugh more?

What if you had those adventures?

What if you were calm and content, able to deal with the bumps of life with the greatest of ease?

What if?

All it takes is remembering that these things are important to you. And while you can have the intention to remember as much as possible - you can only remember WHEN you remember, like now.


Go well! Arjuna