What's The Best Thing You Can Ever Do For Anyone?

greatest thingSometimes we have it all back to front. I did this myself for many years until I realised how absurd it was.

How, in my wanting to do my absolute best for loved ones I completely missed the point.

You see -

People are running around trying to get something for their loved ones.

Security, wealth, money, education, good experiences.

Which is wonderful.

But in the trying to get it for them, they forget one crucial thing.

They get so lost in the getting that they are never there for their loved ones.

Literally - as in always working …

But also when they have their loved ones right in front of them, they are still at work.

Thinking and planning and scheming.

Never present.

All for a good reason of course - but nonetheless, absent - even when you are physically there.

The best thing you can do for anyone?

Be right there with them.

Obviously you can’t always physically be there.

And you don’t want to.

Your job may mean you need to be elsewhere.

Getting into the outdoors and making sure you’re nourished on a physical and spiritual level will also mean you’re away.

But when you are with them - fully be with them.

Don’t miss a moment by getting lost in thought and stress.

The greatest thing you can do for anyone is give of yourself to them.

Not in things and money - but your attention, your presence.

Do it and watch your relationships blossom.

It's so simple, yet so poorly understood.

And if you want help getting out of the trap of thinking too much and being more present?

There are still some places for volunteers.

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Don’t miss out!

(On really giving to your loved ones) - Arjuna