When Wife Doesn’t do What She Should

So I was holding the bubba -

AKA She who must be obeyed,

Simply because she screams louder than anyone else,

Because we’ve yet to educate her more than we placate her, and …

Through no fault of my own -

I promise there was no jiggling or excessive squashing involved,

The biggest amount of baby vomit I have ever seen gushed ALL over me.

You perhaps know this very well.

Perhaps if you have teenagers who turn up drunk on your doorstep at 3am you’re getting a reminder …?

Anyhoo ...

What did the lovely Sumati do?

1. Laugh - and not ONLY in surprise and with that rather coarse type of humour that comes from enjoying someone’s misfortune,

But in a “how do you like THEM apples?” type way.

2. Tells me not to move because she doesn’t want it spilling on the couch

(which is all fair enough so far, I admit, BUT … )

3. She then ran for her phone, on the other side of the room I may add, to take a photo.

4. After Whats App’ing it to her family and friends …

5. THEN, and only then, once the social media beast was fed, did she offer me assistance in my time of need.

I tell you, it’s hard to find a good wife these days.

But it’s OK because I’ve been practicing what I preach as a meditation teacher.

Everything I say in these emails I practice myself.

I stayed cool and calm, and clearly asked for help without getting too (and perhaps justifiably) upset at being stranded in a puddle of cooling baby cheese.

I laughed at myself, because taking anything seriously is a recipe for self induced misery.

And I stayed present, not referring in my head to the appointment that I had in 5 minutes time, and now had to change clothes for.

I also didn't constantly refer to her perceived short comings,

(Only 3 or 4 times)

All in all, a good result.

But if anyone is after a wife?

I have one for sale.

Needs a touch of training.

I sincerely hope your day is going better!

Go well,



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