Why NOT taking time for you is like a sushi train

I love sushi! Don't know about you, but it is one of the world's best foods. I once had sushi in Mexico and it came with grilled cheese and Jalapenos. Now that was unexpected. Now - what does this have to do with taking time for yourself? Well, read on:

The single hardest thing about life is simply stopping and sitting down. Resting? "Waste of time!" people think all the time.

It's crucial though - to switch off, to get off the hamster wheel of life, to give yourself a moment or two to reconnect, to get that half-step back, to get energy, enjoyment, perspective.

Now meditation? That is rest, supercharged. It really is. The practice itself (should) be simple and straight forward and relaxing, and as such, enjoyable (although there are some tough practices out there). It brings a wealth of benefits to all that practice.

However, even experienced meditators can have trouble just sitting down:  They’re on the go, things to see, people to do, and time is always short.

“It’s not the right time - I’ll do it later”.

I think people think there is no price to pay for keeping on pushing. Because the price is paid later you think you can keep delaying.

It’s just like one of those all you can eat sushi trains where the delicious sushi comes around time and time again, right under your nose.

You think “Another one? Why not? It’s only £3 for that plate”.

Yet by the time your waiter comes to tally up your bill, all those small bites of sushi add up to a mighty fine reckoning, don't they?

The bill you get, when it arrives, and surely it arrives because there is always a waiter taking count. And it's always huge! I'm always thinking "How can I ever possibly have eaten THAT much sushi?" But it's true.

Why not just pay "the bill" as you go?

There is no such time as the right time - you just have to make time.

But you have to, otherwise you’ll just be in the same mental loops, doing the same things, involved in the same negative, limiting patterns, sucked into stress and worry and anger. No peace of mind. No calm, clarity.

Take time, make time, make it part of your daily ritual. Do it and tell me how life is from there, ok?

Go well young grasshopper. There is life to be lived - not just survived, but lived well! Arjuna

PS. Here is an excellent way of setting up an “investment” so you will always have enough for the bills and extra to spend anytime you want and/or need. And it's free: