Words of wisdom from an ex-President

I was reading an article by former President Obama’s official photographer recently. This guy lived in Obama’s pocket for several years, so got to know Obama very well. The thing that struck me was what Obama repeatedly told his daughters - and given the world and it’s seeming current emphasis on division and trolling and arguments and “I’m right and you’re wrong”, I think it’s particularly apt. Obama always told his daughters: “Be kind, be helpful”.

You’re never too big to help and to be kind. In fact, the more success you enjoy, the more important it is to help where you can and to be kind.

It takes so little to think of someone else but it makes a world of difference - not only in creating a better world but also for you. Countless studies have shown the personal power of having an attitude of being of service, of giving to others - you win when you give.

So why not, why not have an attitude to be kind and be helpful, where you can? What you give is exactly what you tend to get.

The things that will stop you doing this and make you self-absorbed? Exhaustion and tiredness is one. They mean you get snappy, you get selfish, it all becomes about you and what you can get. And that is a very small, grey world indeed.

Take time to recharge so you can live the life you want to live, be that awesome version of you.


Go well, Arjuna

PS. Let me know if I can help with any of this, ok? PPS.

“Be kind, be helpful” is one of the things that come very quickly just from a practice of meditation and mindfulness. I've written a snazzy (and free) guide for you, if you're interested: