How to find magic in a world of haste and busy-ness

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“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” 
― W.B. Yeats

You’ve had magic in your life. You have. Even if you can’t remember them, there’s been moments of profound wonder and completeness, of wow. There have been.

My whole job, as I see it, is to inform you how to put yourself in the way of magic. Why? Because even a little magic brings a life that is worth living, inside and out.

Even a touch of magic makes it easier to deal with the tough times and the things you don't like. It reminds you why you are alive.

Even a little magic makes you resistant to anxiety, stress, negativity.

My job is to show you where magic lives, so it can grab you. You may never repeat these memorable magical wow moments, but you can certainly make it so you are more susceptible to being run down by them.


In a life of constant busy-ness and constant demands on your time, how?

When your life is lived at such a rapid pace, constantly switched on, how?

But also, if you're still wondering ... WHY? What does magic get you? What is the point?

That there is your homework this week.

Your task is to take moments throughout your day just to sit and be. To tune in and witness what is around you, what is within you, what it is that you truly are.

Your homework is to find the simple magic of being alive.

You see, another part of my job, as I see it, is to convince you that when you get present, life becomes more magical, and that magic is worth investigating.

When life gets more magic and more profound, it's not sticking your head in the sand, living in a dream world ...

No not at all.

Life gets better, not worse, you become more efficient, not less, you do all your jobs to a higher degree, not a lesser one.

The trouble is that you probably put far more importance on the little urgent jobs; much more importance that the truly important important things of life – so much so you never know how much being present and finding magic benefits you.

And if you have an idea of the power of presence, it is probably the first thing out the window when you get busy.


The trick is convincing you that you CAN take a break.

You can slow down a touch. You can, and actually need, to take a half-step back – and on a regular basis – so you can see clearly, so you can enjoy yourself, so you can re-charge, re-energize, re-tune in to your reason for living.

Consider this an experiment then.

How about if you just back off, a little, today? If you take a moment, every now and then, to look up from your to-do list, and smell the roses.

Maybe take a deep breath, maybe think an Ascension Attitude should you know one … but rest. Tune in. Appreciate the spaciousness of this moment.

These moments may not be as memorable or as full of wow as your top 10 moments, but I tell you, they contain life itself.

In the quiet stillness of being, there is all time and space.

When you anchor yourself in this, your senses, your life comes Alive. Simple joy is found in the sunlight coming in the window, the child’s smile, the smell of your loved ones, the simplicity and undeniable experience of being, of existence itself.

And that is magic.

Stopping gives you so much, it tells you so much. So take time to stop, to listen, to understand, to be.

Okay? Wonderful. That is your homework this week. Part 2 will be along next Friday.

Let me know how you get along.

Go well!

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