Meditation doesn't mean sitting still – Part 1


“Your natural state is to live a rich and full life, free from fear and judgement, with a continual awareness of your immortal self.” 

— Narain Ishaya


This week’s meditation/mindfulness/Ascension tip for you.

(Just so you know before we begin:

Ascension – the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension to give its full name – is a powerfully simple type of meditation/mindfulness.

The practice uses Ascension Attitudes to align with stillness and centredness. It’s very cool.)

Right, let’s get going:

Often we believe that peace only comes when we are physically sitting still: closed eye Ascending, sitting in nature, contemplating a sunset or in the middle of a silent environment. We tend to have a concept that meditation means to do nothing but contemplate. 

Have you ever had one of those wonderful peaceful closed eyed Ascensions, and as you open your eyes, you don’t want to go back into "real" life or even make any sudden movements because you're afraid you will lose your peace?

That sounds funny, but a lot of us have done it!

This week, play.

Explore and discover that Ascension is the perfect tool to meditate in movement and in each and every moment no matter what you're doing. It is nothing more than being widely, curiously alert to the Presence of Now. 

Use your Attitudes with eyes open and enjoy any activity while directing your attention inward.

This how you make peace permanent. This is how you live from your natural state, all the time.