Gratitude – part 2

gratitude 2.jpg

You have so much good in your life, already. No matter your dreams and goals and expectations, you have an amazing life, right here, right now. You do.

The trouble is you don't see it.

I used to whine and complain and wish for more, and yet I had no idea of how blessed I already was.

Of course there is room for more, but I didn’t even appreciate what I already had. I took huge parts of my life totally for granted, only realising when they had gone.

What I eventually saw (after some considerable heart ache) was that without the fulfilment that comes from being aware of what I already had, my life became solely a never-ending search for more.

Ultimately this search meant life quickly became dissatisfying, frustrating, and disillusioning:

"What's the point?" I would eventually cry, sick of every little hiccup and unexpected event in my quest, sick of not getting what I thought I wanted when I wanted it, sick of feeling like I had nothing.

Wake up! Don’t be like this.

Base your life in the good you already possess and the gains you have already made, then go for more.

Always make fulfilment your foundation, not the search: then you will never be dissatisfied or frustrated, then you will never give up in disgust, feeling like a failure, feeling like life is against you.

Gratitude is one of the most important keys to getting this foundation.

Don't be lazy here – be incredibly active with gratitude. It makes a real, practical difference. Make that your mission for today, and tomorrow, and all the tomorrows.

Get going!