What is love – to you? Part 2


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What is love – to you?

So many people just don't know. They are so busy they don't prioritise finding out. Our to-do lists can get so full that love – one of the most important parts of life – gets pushed to the side, time and time again.

Perhaps that's the greatest thing you can do to nurture love: give it the attention it deserves so you can come to truly know love. 

To know, look within.

Love begins with presence, the space within which it can flower.

It comes from acceptance and the choice not to listen to the judgement about yourself or another.

It comes from the choice to appreciate: to see what you approve of, the beauty of your world, and its people.

It also comes from honesty and openness: of finding nothing to prove and nothing to hide in this presence at the core of your being.

Within is the loving space that allows you to let go of all the past hurts, all the demands, expectations, and judgements, and open yourself fully to the true nature of yourself, of everyone, of the world.

Now – go explore!