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Common mistake #278: Your mind is not your enemy

Whether you’re a meditator, an Ascender, or “just” a human (there’s no just about it) here’s something anyone can benefit from even a small amount of practice in having a different attitude. It's the relationship with your own mind.

Here’s the homework topic for you to practice, then I’ll give you my spin on it all:



Your mind is not the enemy. 

By creating an adversarial relationship with your thoughts you simply keep the ego alive - you'll fight forever. Do you think you'll get to a point somewhere in the future when you will be able to stop struggling? How about right now? Surrender, give up the fight, stop the strain, put a tap on trying. You don't need to struggle. There is no enemy, there never was. 

The problem lies in fighting and resistance itself. 

It lies in the making of an opposition and wrongness. Give up - there lies the end of suffering. Take it easy. Make a different choice, a choice to end the fight. This week your mission is to lay down your warrior's sword. Notice that when you stop fighting, when you stop struggling to control even a tiny little bit, all that there is left is peace.



Ascension, meditation, mindfulness, life … there are no enemies. Your biggest problem is creating them. The source of a ton of angst and struggle is how you relate to your own thoughts.

Saw a study once that showed people would rather hurt themselves with pretty sturdy electric shocks than sit in a room by themselves, with nothing but their thoughts for company.

Be honest now - if you have a knife and could remove certain thoughts, certain memories, certain judgements … would you?

Of course you would.

However - you can’t. Fighting and attempting to suppress your mind isn’t a great long term tactic, because it's impossible. You just exhaust yourself (pun intended, which you'll find out next ...)

I remember once watching my dad work on his car. He start it up every now and then to tweak it.

So ... I'd sneak around the back and shove a banana up the exhaust. I’d hide as dad would start the car up, and it didn’t take long for the pressure to build and this now blackened banana to go firing across the yard, accompanied by a very satisfying sound.

It took him about 4 bananas to work out what was going amiss. Ha!

Stuffing your thoughts is just the same.

The pressure builds and then there’s an, often messy, explosion. Fighting your mind is like fighting nature. It’s like trying to grab the wind. You can’t, and you expend a ton of energy trying.

So stop fighting. Your mind is not your enemy. It’s just a thing. Your way out is to observe. Watch - step back from it. It doesn’t matter what it says then - it cannot affect you if you don’t let it.

The more you watch, the more you will even find it amusing. You might will find yourself laughing out loud.

But you have to stop the fight. And only you can come to a place where you do that.

Practicing your eyes closed meditation or Ascension is key. Truly - it means you stop fighting what you cannot control.

Go well!Arjuna

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