2017 Has Been Cancelled

Ready for a New Years Motivational? Nah…

It’s been so nice doing absolutely nothing.

Eating, drinking, reading, board games, chatting, a little tree chopping, some kayaking, a load of just closing my eyes and snoozing and meditating.

I’m still not really ready to jump back in.

I can’t be arsed still.

So much for a new year “Lets Go” speech, huh?

But I know the juice will come.

If you can arrange your time even a little I think it’s important to respect these times when you don’t want to push.

There’s a fine line isn’t there?

You have to do the work to get where you want to be, but if you REALLY can’t be arsed it might be a good idea to take a break.

I figure that way you can recharge and come back with a full battery.

Inspired and full of energy as opposed to a coming from should.

My wife was a bit antsy last night saying she thinks she should be doing something.

This is at 7 months pregnant and therefore puffing like a steam train whenever she climbs the stairs.

She’d spent 2 weeks before Christmas charging - painting a room and preparing the house for all the relatives.

Not to mention all the cooking and shopping for food and drink.

So I knocked her on the head and made her lay down with a cup of tea and a book.

(no, not really).

I don’t think going all the time is a good idea. I don't think you can, can you?

Juggling a million balls at once is a nice trick, but not really sustainable.

We used to do meditation courses in the country close to London.

And the people would come the front door and you could actually feel the speed they were operating at.

Freakish fast.

It wasn’t that nice to be around actually.

But - by Sunday they would be sliding out the door, super relaxed.

Less haste more speed as my nan used to say.

The secret is to take breaks before you need to.

To rest and recover and recharge before you feel exhausted, and grumpy, and/or depressed.

Regular Ishayas' Ascension meditation is such a life saver - and one you probably won’t realise until you practice regularly.

(Or stop practicing for a little while …)

It gives you the ability to be the very best version of you.

Topped up and ready for action.

Or - totally disconnected so you can really switch off and be away from work (or whatever you need to switch off from at the moment).

And get some perspective and clarity, and real sense of fun back.

Just do it.

(There you go - knew I could find some motivation for you - heh heh)

Go well, keep the Peace!

Arjuna : )


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