2017 End Of World Panic! (Pull Yourself Together Man)

Is the world going to hell in a hand basket? I don’t even know what a hand basket is, but I did hear the phrase on the Simpsons a long time ago.

You can trust the Simpsons.

But it would seem at the moment there’s very little you can trust for sure.

It would seem the world is falling apart in a rapid way.

Just this morning I opened my newspaper as I like to do when I sit on the loo -

And there was mayhem.

(In the news, that is).

Wars and diplomatic tension and politics and embezzlement and voting controversy and hate and trolling -

All on a scale seemingly like never before.

Just like the morning before and the morning before.


So much to a happy new year, a fresh beginning and a chance to start anew, huh?

It might all end before I get a chance to renege on my first new year resolution.

What to do?

I don’t know.

Well, I do know one thing.

Get a grip on yourself.

No, really - I’m trying to be funny, but NOT in an old school “pull yourself together”, "take a cold shower and man up” kind of way,

But do get a grip on the part of you that panics, that worries, that thinks the worst, that falls apart when the going gets tough.

Don't let that mindset sabotage your life.

Do make the most of each and every moment.

Do get a grip on real stability and security.

The only place you can find that is within yourself.

When the airplane is headed for a crash landing you put your own oxygen mask on first, then you can help others.

Then you can see clearly, with perspective and with a degree of calm, what to do, if anything.

You need to do this because it's always been this way.

The world has always done crazy.

I think I mentioned this before, but I remember my Dad being made redundant so many times in the 80s.

The first time was such a huge shock to him - he thought he had a job for life.

Now we’re kinda used to zero hours contracts.

Things change, sometimes they change fast.

What are you going to do about it?

Going on precedent, 2017 WILL have some tough moments.

That you can guarantee.

How YOU deal with those moments?

That is the uncertain bit.

Practice calm, focus and clarity now while the going is good.

Practice taking nothing seriously now while it’s easy to laugh.

Get going on your meditation practice and get control of your crazy mind.

Learn the Ishayas’ Ascension - you won’t regret it.

Something so relaxing and enjoyable and that is still good for you, transformative even …

That’s what you want, isn't it?

Go well! Arjuna



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