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When do you feel most alive?

When do you feel wow’ed to your boots?

You know, it’s so easy to fall into a life of “why?”.

But what if you could live more “wow” into your days?

Isn’t that what everyone wants?

I certainly do … 

But the search for the real, true, actual more of life – the truly important things to you – gets lost in the busy-ness of the everyday jobs. It gets lost in the chase for achieving and becoming.

And so you get that time honoured regret of the dying … I wish I’d stopped and enjoyed more. I wish I’d spent less time in the office … I wish … I wish …

Achieving is important. Success is a great thing to chase.

But make success your own.

Define success for yourself … and realise that the wow moments from your past are a lot more subtle, a lot more simple than what you currently hold as an expectation of success.

More wow, less why.


Have a sensational weekend.

Get back to me if you need anything at all.

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Go well!

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