The gift of being around inspiring people

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One of the things I love to do is read about inspiring people.

Biographies, histories, podcasts, interviews … they fascinate me because I feel like they help me learn about life, and how I want to live it.

What these amazing people learn from life experiences, from success and from failure, it all inspires and creates a sense of wonder about life.

A wonder of what might be possible, for me. A sorting of my priorities, of what is truly important. A rearranging, a heads up, “condor moment” of getting out of the busy mess life can turn into.

And after that “what if?”, the clarity and direction to head in the chosen direction.

Instead of running around in little circles of increasing panic and bewilderment, of stress and anxiety/depression, these studies of inspiring people are a reminder to consciously live a life I’m proud of – 

To try and do the things that create pride and self-respect more and more, and do the things that are idiotic and possible sources of regret less and less.

All so I can be that person that I want to be, with my family, in my relationships, with you guys … everywhere.

Basically to contribute to the world, to make it a better place.

In a hugely busy life, what I’ve come back to – time and time again – is the importance of having a fundamental foundation in presence, contentment and calm.

Nothing in my life that has been worth anything has come from stress, worry and overt control. Nothing.

Nurturing the sense of presence and inner stillness means you get the ability to be calm and content anywhere, any time.

You get to know your mind more and more and are able to just not go there.

And yet it energises. It creates creativity. It creates a “what next?” potential.

Meditation has a bad rap sometimes because people believe it’s about doing nothing.

While that is completely on the money ... however, it is a doing nothing that allows you to do something. Something great, something you’re proud of and excited by.

The only attitude that works here, I feel, is one of 200%.

The foundation is as above, making that your priority in each and every moment, but then using that as a springboard for creative action and adventure.

100% inner satisfaction, 100% possibility and creating.

It’s so easy to talk yourself out of doing anything

You say so many things are important to you, and yet do you actually do them?

Becoming aware of all your mental and emotional handbrakes, and having the ability to live your life despite these is crucial.

Here is the beauty of a daily practice of meditation. That is why it’s something I have done every single day since 2003.

It shows you what do to next …

… and it gives you the ability to carry that out without stress and drama, but with energy and excitement.

So, close your eyes, every day, as you like.

But LIVE meditation. Put it into action. Be balanced for sure, but be energised.

Go and do. Alright?

That’s why I made The 200% Life retreat that is coming up early in 2019.

You might be enjoying my book and so I wanted to give people the chance to come and completely immerse in it.

The retreat will give you the ability to detach from your monkey mind, be calm and “un-anxious,”

Step into regular condor moments (too many animal metaphors?) so you have direction and perspective,

And get that quiet sense of confidence when you know something is right for you. You!

I’ll show you the routines and little plans that work to enable me to actually do what I say I want to do, and enable you to create your own ... and a ton more stuff.

There’s an early bird discount too.

To book, head this way:

It’d be great to have you along.

Go well!

As always, thank you for reading.

Let me know how I can help, okay?