What’s so exciting?

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OKAY, so it’s ME that’s pretty excited.

My new book is out very soon, it should be live on Amazon by the end of the week. Which I am delighted about.

I’m having a free book-release celebration webinar so skip to the end should you have read enough and want to register for it.

Here’s what some nice people said about the book:

“Every human should be given a copy of this book when they are born,”

– said Manyu, international meditation and mindfulness legend

“200% is a marvellous instruction manual for anyone wanting more from life. If ‘more’ is calling you, then this book is the answer,”

– said Sandy C. Newbigging, author of 7 best-selling books

“I absolutely LOVE it. You’ve written something that is going to make this kind of spiritual teaching accessible to a much wider audience. I love the format and the very real and practical advice, which is life changing. Everyone should read this book!”

– said Joanna Taylor, internationally renown yoga teacher

Isn’t that nice??

I think so.

The book is called "200% – An Instruction Manual for Living Fully," and it is exactly that.

Written for anyone who wants more from life, it is a step-by-step guide giving the reader everything they need to cultivate an unshakeable and joy-filled inner foundation for the most fulfilling, and even thrilling, external existence.

I will give you the exact dates of when you can buy it on Amazon, either as paper back or e-book (soon!!).

If you want more information, visit my site: www.arjunaishaya.com/book

Free Webinar:

I'll be having a free online book release celebration webinar, with mindfulness and meditation legend Manyu as special guest. 

We’ll be talking about what you can do to live a life of more. 

I'm a big fan of Manyu’s, he’s been amazing to me over the years that I have known him. 

He’s larger than life, if you have any pre-conceived ideas about meditation and mindfulness teachers, then chuck them out the window. He is one of a kind, funny, and brilliant too … so don't miss it!

If you would be interested in that, you can register here:


And so that is about all the news I have, how about you?

The biggest thing I have learnt from all of this?

You just keep moving forward in the direction you want to go, and eventually, despite all the unplanned (and sometimes unwelcomed) diversions, you get there.

The key for me with this book, because it seems to have taken forever to get to this point, has been just to keep going.

For you? No matter what, just keep going. Consistency beats everything. Just don’t quit. Okay? Good on you!

Go well,

Thank you, for being here. For reading, for writing, for everything. For some reason, I am feeling so appreciative right now. Which is a very nice place to be in!

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