Why Should You Read This Book?

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200% – An Instruction Manual for Living Fully

is available now on Amazon (UK link)

But why would you want to read it?

I never want to assume anything about anyone, but here's what I realised about myself, and what I see a lot of around me:

You, given the nature of the world, quite probably live a busy, demanding life.

It can be stressful, with negativity, overwhelm and doubt arising fairly regularly, if not every single day.

Your life is probably rewarding and a great deal of fun much of the time, but it’s exhausting too, and at times confusing and frustrating.

It can be easy to fall into being grumpy and snappy, being uncertain and procrastinating about what you really want to do, laying awake worried about what happened today or what might happen tomorrow.

Or perhaps you just feel like there’s something else, something more to life … ?

So: What do you do?

How do you make sure the best version of you shows up more often, so you can be the partner, parent, colleague, friend, leader, team-mate – human – that you want to be?

How do you make sure you are the boss of your mind, rather than your mind running you around all over the place, going places you don’t want to go, thinking about stuff that is useless – even damaging – to you?

How do you live a life that feels worthwhile, filled with connection and fulfilment and purpose and meaning?

I know all about this, because this was me.

These are the very reasons I became a monk and do what I do now. This is why I wrote this book: To answer these questions.

200% the book details the few simple shifts you can make to put all negativity and limitation to bed.

It shows you what you can do to not just “get by,” but live a profound, purpose-filled, adventurous, fun, truly Alive and free life: Inside and out.

And it’s not theory, it’s all based what I’ve discovered really works from a 20 year plus journey to learning to be a person I'm proud of, and to live a life I'm excited by.

It's a book I wrote for myself, when I was searching, many years ago.

It is a guide I wish I'd had back then, a roadmap/manual to having it all: Not only finding inner contentment and peace, but living supremely well from that foundation.

The book is what the title says it is: An instruction manual for living fully. It is for anyone who wants more from life.

It'll take you step-by-step through the right skills and habits that bring you to a successful life, a life of 200%: Complete fulfilment AND achievement, peace AND performance, total happiness.

Success is a word that is thrown around a lot these days.

But what is true success to you? What is a full and rich life to you?

You get to define success for yourself, and it’s important that you do. It’s important that you know where you are heading.

Perhaps this book might help. I’d be so happy if it did, because part of success to me is being able to help others.

I truly hope this book makes a difference to you, I truly hope you enjoy it.