The “P’s” and why patience is one of the most crucial skills you can acquire


Patience. Boring?

Perhaps ... with the wrong attitude it is. But I'd say it’s more than just a virtue in life. It’s a necessity.

Why? Because things rarely unfold the way you want them to, do they? Because to become something, anything, it always takes time. Hence – unless you love being stressed and overwhelmed – the importance of patience.

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on this book of mine – titled “200% An instruction manual for living fully” – for, let me see, about the last 6 months. All these glitches keep coming through though, delaying release further.

It seems like forever.

I am incredibly aware of how perfectionism and procrastination was initially a huge deal for me in this book. I was continually “working on it” because perfectionism is a nice way of staying safe. If it’s never ready, then no one can see it. No one can judge it.

Do you ever have that? This book has definitely shown me that side of things.

Now it’s the turn of other P to educate me: Patience.

The ability to keep going no matter what is admirable. But there’s a balance. Keeping going can’t stray into pushing and controlling because then your peace goes out the window.

When you lose your peace, you lose your connection with your highest abilities: Energy, creativity, intuition, gratitude, compassion. You lose all these things, not to mention probably the most important thing: Your source of enjoyment, regardless what is happening on the outside, in your life.

Balancing moving forward with patience is crucial to a happy, successful life.

Now: The key to getting it is prioritising your peace. When you do this, you will realise super quick when you start to lose your peace, when pushing comes in.

So many people do it opposite. If you don’t prioritise your peace, go, go, go and pushing and struggling and frazzle build to such a degree, a huge degree and then something snaps … and then (if you’re lucky) you realise it and back down.

By prioritising your peace you realise so much sooner, avoiding so much wasted effort and wasted emotion.

When you're IMpatient you're also so far in the future, you lose your life here and now. Patience isn't just about stress, it's about making the most of what is in front of you.

So here’s to the fundamental P’s – prioritise them. Peace and Patience. Then you can be fluid with your Plan, yet still Plod on, avoiding Pushing and Perfectionism and Procrastination, and live Perfectly and Profoundly, Performing the right thing at exactly the right time.

(Sorry about that).

Whatever you do, have a spectacular day. Enjoy it all, and let me know how I can help.

Go well,

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