“I Should” versus committing to what you really want

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So a great question came up from the commitment thing I wrote the other day, about how being 100% committed actually makes your life easier, even though it seems more difficult:
(it's here if you want to read it)

Question (I’m paraphrasing!):
“So being 100% committed is important because it means you get what you want fast, right?”

Me: “Absolutely!”

“I’m now thinking 'right, well, I should give up sugar 100%' but I don't really want to live without it and am a big believer in moderation.  And, 'I should really commit to regular exercise' but I like to be spontaneous and some days not do any. 

Have I got hold of the complete wrong end of the stick? But where does doing things in moderation come in with doing everything 100%?”

I answered:
“It all depends on what you want. If you want to give up sugar then be 100%. If you want to be moderate with sugar intake, then be 100% with moderation. Decide, then don’t waver. You see?

The problem is the “should” versus knowing what you really want to do and sticking with that 100%. So often the should gets in the way. The should is the problem, not what form your decision takes.

What do you really want to do? An important question me thinks, because then you can really get behind that.

Now - onto peace, calm, Zen etc ... 

The main point regarding commitment and peace is this:

If you want peace and an easy, simple life, then closing your eyes every day is a super fast path to that. Being moderate, "as and when" with your Ascension meditation practice won't bring you that.

If you’re moderate with your practice, you won’t become rock solid in peace. But if you’re committed to your practice, if you do it every single day, naturally your peace will become unshakeable.

But unshakeable peace does require 100% commitment. It needs to come first. Don't get me wrong: Not necessarily to the exclusion of anything, but a most definite priority.

A priority to practice, a priority to get better at it, a priority so you recognise how valuable it is to you. Not because you should, but because your whole life is so simple when you are calm, clear and content, focused and decisive, happy just because. And that all comes from a foundation of inner stillness and peace.

Being at peace doesn't come easily all the time for many people. It's something that you need to practice, but something you want to practice because it's valuable. You see?

As soon as you make that decision to prioritise your peace?
Boom! The world can rush in and show you all about it. It can come to you quickly.

So, get clear on what you want from this life.

What “shoulds” are you giving far too much attention to?

If you want to be moderate with something, then be 100% committed to that.
If you want to be full on with something, be 100% committed to that.

But “should” nothing. Throw out the “shoulds.” Okay?

Questions? Let me know, I’d love to help.

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