Are You Ready For This?

getting ready but not quite small.jpeg

Have you ever postponed and delayed something?

Like that conversation that needs to happen?
or that email you need to send?
or putting your hand up to ask that question?
or starting that new project?
or learning a new skill?
or starting that new diet/exercise regime?

With so many things you convince yourself that now isn’t the right moment, not yet. Wait and see, first … right?

So you don’t, until you get more information. More organised. More certain. More ready.

Dude! (If I may refer to you in that way)

It’s okay. I have known such sweet procrastination. Delay was my middle name. Making ready until the cows come home. And the cows never come home, so I talked a good talk, listed many a good thing on many a fine list, but never followed through. I rarely did anything.

And it's fear: "What will they think?" "What will happen?" "What if it goes wrong?"

"Getting ready" is preparing for the worst. Now, when did you ever focus on what could go right? Hmmmm?

Here is what I found, and I’m sharing it in the hope that you get something from it, because a life on pause – which is what we’re really talking about here, aren’t we – is a terrible thing.

The fact is this:

You are never fully ready.
You never will be. Never. 

You gotta begin it, organise it, start it. Jump, see what happens.

And then, regardless of results, regardless of whether your mind thinks you failed or not, learn, adjust and repeat. Do it again. and again.

Practice and practice and it’ll get easier and easier.

The need for courage may never go, but the jump, the leap to begin does.

You practice so you can do what you want to do in a state of uncertainty and perhaps even anxiety. You learn to become friends with needing courage. You learn to fall back on your practice, so that you can do what you need to do even when your hands and voice are shaking.

But you need to practice. You need to do. You need to start.

You will get better – but just start. Jump into something. Please! Waiting until the right moment is just a recipe for waiting until you die. Seriously.

So – what are you going to do, today, that once ticked off will make everything else so much simpler or unnecessary?

It may just be the simple fact that you can stop thinking about it because you finally did it! That is a much under-rated thing. But you know your head when it’s busy. And you know peace of mind too.

Meditation is about peace of mind: It’s about ignoring pesky thoughts and getting control of your “to-do” list. But it’s also about doing stuff. The reason I stopped delaying and preparing was Ascension meditation. It gave me the clarity to see what a waste of life getting ready was.

If you don’t have a regular eyes closed and open Ascension / meditation / mindfulness / prayer / awareness / presence practice yet … perhaps today is your day to start.

Or will you let it be tomorrow?

Go well!

Start small! 10 minutes is good. 5 minutes is great. Or how about this: Just take one mindful, present, complete breath.

You can take one breath, you can. Of course you can. You might even find you take two or three. And then where would you be?

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