Best times in the day to take ten minutes to meditate

The best way to find time to for your ten minutes "out" meditating is to schedule your day around your meditation practice, and not the other way around. If you try and squeeze in a meditation “when you have time”, chances are it ain’t going to happen. Prioritise it!

Set aside a time to practice, put a reminder on your phone/calendar so you remember, and stick to it. You won’t regret it.

Regular practice brings great rewards.

Times of the day that are excellent for practicing:

1.) First thing in the morning You don’t have to wake up super early, just give yourself enough time to get out of bed, have a wash and a stretch if necessary, and go and find your place to sit. If you practice in the morning regularly, you will find your day just turns out so more enjoyable and effective.

2.) Sometime during the day For example, lunch time. Your afternoon will again be so much more enjoyable and effective. I used to be a raft guide and I would always find at least 10 minutes to sit by myself while my group had lunch. It made a huge difference to my afternoons.

3.) When you come home from being out at work or wherever. Take your time to practice and then join your family or partner. You can leave the cares of the day behind you, recharge and fully be at home. I have friends - when they don't practice their children tell them to go and "do that thing that you do". Your people will notice and gladly give you ten minutes to yourself.

4.) Last thing at night Meditate in bed until you go to sleep. You can sit up if you like for a few minutes, or simply lie down and see what happens. Your sleep will be deep and restful.

I don’t recommend doing a deep breathing practice at night - I found it woke me up meaning I was really quite awake. But that may be just me. Try it out for yourself.

5.) Eyes open anytime You cannot be too present and alive. Anytime you remember: simply become really present. Take some deep breaths. Explore your senses. Stop: Look and feel and hear. Open up to this moment rather than entertaining those loops in your head.

Whatever you do, have fun with it, okay? You can't do it wrong. Just remember now.