Meditation practice

Wot! No beer?!

So the UK is having a heat wave.

This means figures in the twenties of Celsius degrees, so fairly mild by world standards. Nonetheless, the UK is not made for sun. It’s made for grey, sleet-y drizzle with the occasional mild sunny day. And before you jump on me with hate mail, boy is it a beauty when the sun shines. When.

So given that these isles are not used to the sun, or ready for it necessarily, it is tough when the heat starts to come in.

And with the news that the country's supplies of food grade carbon dioxide are running low have just made it worse.

You may shrug, however ... CO2 is what puts the fizz in soft drinks and … most importantly … beer.

Beer is being rationed, which is a little concerning. How your football fan can watch the World Cup with the threat of rationed beer hanging over them is anyone's guess. They must be made of sterner stuff than I.

I am sure the UK will survive, but it reminds me that it’s a little funny to me that I have an interest in beer at all.

I don’t drink a great deal - not at all - but something cold after a physical afternoon on the river, kayaking my little heart out, is just what the doctor ordered.

Yet when I was younger and less wise than I am now, I thought it wasn’t “good” to drink. That it just wasn’t a thing spiritual people did. That it somehow created mayhem with your chakras. And perhaps it does, perhaps it does, but I haven’t found that - not at all.

I really thought when I started looking for lasting peace, calm, positivity and focus that certain desires were wrong and to be banished from my person through maximum effort.

Imagine how delighted I was to find that this is not the case. That I could have my cake and eat it too.

That there is nothing wrong with anything, only judgement makes it so. And if anything, your spiritual practice "should" be about acceptance and allowing, not judgement.

Now -

Actions have consequences. Certain actions have very strong consequences. If you don’t want those consequences, you have to change your actions.

The easiest and fastest way to transforming your actions, perhaps addictions, isn’t so much suppression and judgement, starts in acceptance and allowance.

That can be the basis for rapid transformation:


“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change” — Carl Rogers _______

Of course there is much more to it than that, but it’s a great start.

Go well - stay hydrated out there.


PS. To embrace every single part of your life, fully? To find acceptance and allowance? To get the fortitude to make changes?

Have a look at my free guide:

PPS. My father in law is currently begging for rain for his garden. The first decent sun and he wants rain. What is that all about, huh?

Brushing the teeth of your soul

It’s kind of a funny way to put it - But I was talking to a young fellow who was telling me why he does his Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension meditation.

“It’s like brushing your teeth, isn’t it? You just do it everyday and it gets rid of all the furry, plaque-y stuff from your soul” …

Such wise words from a young man.

And it’s true - the whole thing about closing your eyes, taking time out for you is that it removes anything that’s built up over the days, weeks, months, years.

A daily ritual that gently brushes it all away so you’re left feeling shiny, clean, renewed.

I like that a lot.

Hope you’re well out there!

Go well



Here's a free guide to get going on brushing your teeth of your soul:

When it's so complex you can't be bothered even starting

In life there are those who want to measure and study something from a distance and then there are those - bless their souls - who want to get face first in and experience it. Taste it!

Take chocolate - or a fine whisky - or a sunny day - or anything you love ... you can analyse the heck out of it OR you can get down and immerse yourself in it.

Just think about it OR fully experience it it? What would YOU prefer?

I know what I prefer.

Every now and then I go onto various meditation and mindfulness forums and see what’s happening, see what’s being talked about, see if I can learn something, see if I can lend a hand or some advice to someone.

Every single time I’ve quit within ten minutes. 5 minutes actually. Perhaps I should persevere but some of the denizens of the internet just bore me super quick.

There is a bunch of people trying to make meditation and mindfulness so complicated, using foreign languages and jazzy terms and arguing about this state of being and that state of being … doing anything it seems EXCEPT for actually experiencing what they are talking about.

Because when you actually experience it you have little concern to argue about it. You kinda just shrug your shoulders and walk away and go and hang out with people who taste it - because they are so much more fun.

Simplicity is the height of gloriousness. Simplicity is good, simplicity is true, simplicity is what you deserve. Complication, on the other hand, kills all enthusiasm, and I believe, denotes wanting to measure something rather than actually face first experience it.

Being stress free is your natural state of being. Meditation, believe it or not, is your natural state of being. Mindfulness and awareness, is your natural state of being. Being content and calm and clear with a half-step back is your natural state of being.

Kids do it - you’ve forgotten it. That is all. Don’t complicate this, please don’t … there’s absolutely no need. It’s the simplest thing in the world. And experience it! Experience now. This is it. You cannot think about it, you can only do it. Freedom from all suffering lies within you, right here, right now.

If you have a “formal” meditation practice great. If you Ascend, great. If you do “the pause” and regularly just stop as you listen to music (or silence) or drink tea or read or breathe or exercise or knit then wonderful.

Whatever you do, switch off regularly, get to know the comfort and the calm that comes with your own presence and you are golden.

Keep it simple, and just do it, ok?

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Of course, I think of an eyes closed meditation practice as an incredible boost to your sanity. If you want to be the sanest person alive, a simple meditation practice will furnish you with that quickity quick. Here’s a few things I wrote for you, and it's free:

What sacrifice would you make for the perfect life?

That title is a touch dramatic, isn’t it? But after talking with someone the other day, I realised an important point. One that is so obvious now, but perhaps isn’t that clear to many people.

Now - I realise some of you are busy. I realise you sacrifice a lot already. I get that - read this carefully. Don’t add to your weight of life by misunderstanding what I’m saying, ok? I want to help you live a lighter life, not a heavier one. And if you have a question about this, get in touch. Alrighty? The important point is that to get anything, anything at all, you have to sacrifice something else.

To lose weight, you have to sacrifice certain foods, as well as time and effort to do some exercise. To learn to master your mind, and overwhelm and negativity along with it, you have to sacrifice time and a small amount of effort so you can practice it. You have to sacrifice those times when everyone else is watching Netflix - for example.

Or, perhaps you really want to watch the Game of Thrones with everyone, so you decide to wake up early and practice before everyone else has awoken. But then the sacrifice is having to get up out of bed early, when you’re sleepy and cosy, and it’s dark and cold.

There is always a sacrifice to be made in order to gain anything.

The trouble happens when you focus on what you’re sacrificing. You become so fixed on the missing the Game of Thrones (with that glass of wine) that you COMPLETELY miss what you’re gaining from your sacrifice. You miss the joy of improving, of becoming greater.

You don’t appreciate what you’re getting, and that is the reason why you pack it all in and go back to the same old, same old. I got this from Bubba - she who must be obeyed --->

I realise that I will never have a sleep in again. I will never just throw my kayak in the car and head off for a 5 day adventure on the spur of the moment. I will never be able to leave my book on the floor where she can chew it to pieces.

Now - I can resent her for making me make that sacrifice, or I can enjoy what she gives me - which is a huge amount of joy and a reminder of being constantly in the Now. And who could resent that cute little zombie face?

This goes with anything. Everything has a price. But - if you’re smart, you’ll see that everything has a reward too. You can resent the price, or you can enjoy the reward.

All this means is if you’re going to do something, make sure you really want to do it. Make sure you really focus on the reward, not on what you’re giving up.

And then it’s not really a sacrifice is it? It’s just a means to an end. It’s following that which gives you greater and greater joy.

Focus on the silver lining, always. It will transform your life.

Questions? Let me know, I’d love to help out if I can. Go well! Arjuna

PS. After all that, learning to master your mind and the chaos that goes with it requires very little sacrifice. Sure - you have to sit down and close your eyes consistently, but it’s such a pleasurable thing. Relaxing, time to yourself, recharging, it really is simple.

Gandhi said once reason he meditated was because it gave him more time in his busy day.

So do something! If you're interested, here’s some things I put together for you, for free:


What to do when it’s stuck to you like gum to your shoe

Have you ever heard that expression “just let go”? Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s used like an attack “dude, just freakin’ let it go!”.

How do you “let go”?

Well - the theory and the practice is simple. Letting go is in a way distracting yourself from thinking so much a particular way.

What you focus on, grows - this is the golden rule. Hence the wise man who said "what you sow is what you reap". But whatever you sow, put it in the ground cos that's going to get heavy at some stage. And I personally wouldn't garden in a suit, but up to you.

So in meditation you use the breath (for example) to focus on. In the Ishayas’ Ascension we have Ascension Attitudes which work very nicely indeed. Since what you focus on grows, putting your attention on something else means THAT grows in your attention. You let go by putting your attention on something else.

Simple so far, right?

So what is happening when you try to let go and it keeps on coming back, time and time again? What do you do when it’s strong, and intense, and habitual?

Well - those thoughts patterns ARE habits, so they WILL come up time and time again. They are a well worn groove of thinking that is easy for your mind to unconsciously slip into. You try and let them go and there they are again.

So what is important for you is consistency in letting go, time and time again - like the tennis professional player practicing their shot, time and time again to make it perfect - all so you can finally come to let them be ...

If that makes sense?

Consistency of letting go is key simply because you have focused on thinking a particular way for so long or given it significant mental and emotional weight that it now has the momentum of a runaway train.

Practice makes perfect, and makes peace too. So don’t get discouraged when you find yourself in the same patterns of worry or doubt or anger or whatever … Imagine cosmic Yoda is talking the words on the left to you and be that tennis professional and just get back on the (tennis) horse once again.

You’ll get so good at it, you’ll become unconsciously excellent at it. It will seem like you do it without any attention, automatically. And how wonderful is that? How wonderful would your life be with that kind of mental and emotional resilience?

Amazing is what!

So - go well! Arjuna

PS. If you’re interested, this is exactly one of things I teach here, along with the very cool tools  and the practice to allow you to do that, to let go sweetly and easily:

Swimming in pies

I found out today that there is ONE factory in the UK that puts out 2.3 million Christmas mince pies A DAY! Good news indeed!

I don’t know where they all go, but I certainly do help find a home for a few of them. I’m not fussy with pies - my family insists on homemade, but I will take any pie, anywhere, anytime.

So - Christmas is coming, if you celebrate it. Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you get out, take off to somewhere warm and beachy for a quiet time?

Not a bad idea at all.

But there is stuff you do. Traditions, rituals - every year the same. Why? Why do you hold this stuff personally sacred? I don’t know, I’m asking the questions here. But YOU need to know why.

Hold it sacred indeed, it’s important. Find out what sacred is for you, and celebrate those times. It’s worth it, it’s necessary.

What about those more regular traditions? Like weekly or daily? The things you do differently, the things you do to stop, rest and remember … ?

When you’re busy they’re the first to go, aren’t they? They are negotiable and expendable. Because they provide no obvious benefit.

And yet they are the most important things you do. Because they connect you with what makes sense in your life. And that is your foundation - that sense of space, of rightness, of “this is what it means to be me”.

That there is crucial.

You gotta celebrate those traditions, keep to those rituals - until at least you find better ones to replace them. So don’t give them up, don’t let them slip. Alright?

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Here’s a good ritual you might like to start including in every day - it’ll help you end that stress and enjoy each and every moment so much more 

You don’t need to understand

Henry David Thoreau once wrote: “As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.” If you’re like me, you have no idea what he is talking about. I saw it quoted somewhere and I was scratching my head for some time … before I gave up.

It sounded like it could be profound, but really I have no idea in which way.

I could guess, but I really need to sit down and chat with the fella about what he really means. Which is tricky since he’s nothing but dust and ashes, being dead for some time now.

Yah know, sometimes “experts” say stuff. Us uneducated peasants sagely nod our heads, while internally we’re going “What the …? I have no idea what she is talking about”

And that is okay. You don’t need to understand or even like any expert. You are you, and what is important is what inspires you. That may be an author, someone of TED, some long dead philosopher, may be it’s your partner and daughter.

The best advice is the simplest. If it’s not simple, it’s not true. If it requires excessive brain power to get it, then it’s likely to be unnecessary. Or poorly explained. Or both.

Really, all the philosophy you need is the reminder to return to this moment. Make the most of now, be filled with presence. Enjoy this fully.

Your true nature is nothing but goodness. Sit there and you will live the best life possible. Without needing to be taught the hows.

Taught? In this game, you need nothing - you have everything, it’s just you forgot.

Remember, remember now. Here you are complete, all is well, all is taken care of.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Remembering - here’s a little programme to help you remember more:

How to avoid knocking someone unconscious in a Peppa Pig rage

Did you see recently - in the scrum to see a giant Peppa Pig down London way, one mum was knocked unconscious by another? I know Peppa Pig is serious business, but getting SO uptight you’ll punch someone to gain preferential access to a 8 foot tall pink pig is taking things a little too far, in my humble opinion.

I also know that rage, blind fury, snapping and flying off the handle, even reacting and roasting your loved ones with some anger or sarcasm is ALWAYS a recipe for regret ... and jail time if you’re the punching type.

How do you NOT though?

How can you stop losing your cool? - at work, at home, on the road, on the sports field, where ever … ? Even just a little bit, how do you stop the frazzle? Because it's possible.

Typically during your day it’s never one big event that causes you to lose it, is it? It’s the dozens and dozens of little frustrations and imperfections and failures and let downs and thwartations (new word I made up) - those dozens of little cuts that when they all build up - that's when you see red when someone cuts in front of you in the line to a giant pig.

The thing is, you have to practice dealing with life’s downs in a different way. You have to notice them building and do something to release the pressure. Instead of letting them get to you, meaning they build up and up until you explode, developing the “Meh” factor is all important - the shrugging of your shoulders even when you sorely wish something went differently.

Saying your peace if necessary, of course, but in a calm, measured way, not with a fist - or it’s verbal equivalent.

This takes practice! I need to say this again - this takes practice. Getting to a point where you’re aware of how frazzled you're actually getting so you can choose to bring it back down ... this all takes practice.

So what can you practice, if you don't want to explode? 2 things:

Meditation - simple, easy, and practiced right is the thing for gaining a bullet proof Meh factor. I would say learn to Ascend. Absolutely. I’m not teaching anything until next year, but you may find a course you can travel to here: Want something right now?

I understand - I have a natty little handout on meditation so you can get started asap, if you so desire. You can gain it by downloading it here:


Become more mindful and present and calm with your eyes open. More awareness means you notice the frazzle sooner and can back off BEFORE it is too late.

And I have just the thing for you right here, a challenge to super increase your levels of this, and all within 7 days: Questions? Let me have them!

Go well, Arjuna

PS. I mean it when I say if you have any questions hit me up. True!

Why aren’t you a vegan?

People ask me how I can be a monk and yet not be very monkly. Please note, I write monkly and not monkey, though "people" could be meaning that: Why are you so monkey and not monkly?

Why don’t I practice sitting ramrod straight with folded legs? Why aren’t I a vegan? Why do I drink coffee? Why do you drink whiskey? Why do I have a family? Why do I take all of this so un-seriously?

The fact of the matter is I have tried all of the things that are “correct”. I have tried just about everything under the sun that you are “supposed” to do. And I have rejected most of them because they didn’t work for me. I couldn’t see the benefit - again personally speaking - for me.

For example, when I was a vegan because it was the “right” thing to do, I was actually slowly starving myself. People may say that my diet was all wrong, and I should have this supplement and that supplement, but the truth is it was too rigid - for me - and it didn’t bring me any joy.

Hence the whiskey and the coffee. Even though they are “intoxicants”, a little goes a long way to making my heart sing … “lah lah lahhhh …” Joy is a very underrated propellant for transformation.

I had someone yell at me once; accusing me of not following the proper way of meditating and carrying myself as dictated by the ancient texts. I shrugged my shoulders and said “meh” - and noted he wasn’t sitting on a goat hair skin either.

Rigidity - it is the enemy of joy. It is the enemy of freedom. It is the enemy of discovery.

I’m not against rituals and useful barriers, of taking choices that don’t serve you off the table - but they have to serve a noticeable purpose and benefit TO YOU.

Otherwise it’s just dogma. And dogma just makes your life grey. It puts you in a whole world of “I should”, and that is a nasty wormhole to get trapped in.

It also has to be sustainable. It has to be something you will do time and time again. Now that will change, but regularity trumps (excuse the term) “proper but never done” every time.

So work out what works for you. Work out what brings you maximum joy - don’t just accept someone’s word for it, test it, try it. If an authority is available, quiz them about it.


Good work - go well!



Mindfulness - it’s a funny concept, highjacked a little. I prefer the word “awareness” or “presence” or “noticing” … it is training to be familiar with this moment in time, but also the part of you that never ever changes - even in the middle of the biggest thought or emotional storm. The anchor that stops you flying off the handle, and all it takes to have it is a little practice.

This is a little challenge I devised to get more awareness, and therefore less stress, overwhelm and negativity with more fun, focus and contentment:

This bad advice actually makes it worse

Someone I met recently was saying that a book was advising her to tell her thoughts “go away!”, or something similar.

Just as I’m writing I find it curiouser and curiouser. I guess just because you can write a book doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about (apologies if that sounds snarky but, you see, I get a little passionate about this).

Let me explain with a quick story.

Back, a long time ago I joined the local surf lifesaving club in the summer holidays. They enter me in a swimming race out in the ocean, and come the day of the race it's the foulest imaginable day.

The sky was grey, nearly black. The waves storming and huge. Apparently the buoys are out there but I can’t even see the things I’m supposed to swim around. My first surf race and I’m thinking I'm going to get my patooty absolutely kicked.

People are muttering about "they should cancel", but the officials are keen to see what we're made of, I guess.

The gun goes off, we run in and I literally drank the first three waves as they smashed on my head. I almost turned around and headed back in, it was so bad.

Then I got smart (obviously if you know me, not a lot, but enough)

Instead of battling through, I take a big breath and swim under. Big breath, dive down, stay in the calm, move forward. I spent more time under the water than on top of it. While the rescue boat is pulling people out all over the place, I was “Man From Atlantis”ing underneath, keeping away from the madness up top.

And you know what? I came second, and most importantly, I didn’t die. Hurrah!

Why am I telling you this?

My friend who had the (bad) advice to tell her thoughts “go away!”, or "shut up!" or whatever ...?

It’s just like my surf swim: Your thoughts are these huge waves that come in and bash you. You’re battling the waves, half drowning, and some guy in a rescue boat comes along and says:

“Just tell them to ‘GO AWAY!’”

Thank you sir, fine advice.

The important thing when coming to grips with your mind is to try and see what works best for you. But when I’ve tried that approach it just didn’t work. I would get exhausted and frustrated from shouting and doing battle every time. It would make it worse.

The easiest thing by far is to sink beneath the surface where it’s calm.

The storm can rage on all it likes, but it is not you. You don’t need to control it at all. You might still be aware of it - it might be still obvious like when the neighbours are having an argument and you can hear it, but no deal, you’re not caught up in it.

Becoming the master of your mind and overcoming stress, negativity and overwhelm requires no force. It really doesn’t. You don’t need to fight, struggle or strain. The best approach is ignoring, I reckon. Just plain old cold shoulder them. Or go the other extreme, welcome them whole heartedly:

“Hello old friend! Come on in and make yourself at home. You are welcome too”.

This gentle “bring it on” approach takes the wind out of any fight, doesn’t it? There’s no resistance, and that - if you have a teenager you are probably getting to know this very well - is the best thing you can do in many situations.

In terms of your mind, not resisting means you can sink down into that field of awareness that is you, the good old half step back and see the rage or the resentment or the depression or the self-violence (whatever it maybe) from an arms length and not get wrapped up and lost in it.

It’ll blow over and you spent zero effort on it. In fact, you gained greater freedom from your mind. You actually only strengthen the mind when you fight it. But that is a story for another day.

Alrighty? Awesome - go well!



A submarine is a handy thing when you’re out swimming in the storms. The means to dive down at the press of a button, in comfort and style, is a truly wonderful thing.

Here’s how to get your FREE submarine guide. You will LOVE it:

Dive deep!

Help! I keep falling asleep while meditating

OK - Autumn is in. Hibernation season

I'm getting asked a lot:

How do I stop falling asleep when I Ascend or meditate?

Here’s my top tips on that.

I also did a video because sometimes talking is soooo much faster than writing.

You can find it here:

First of all though,

One of the signs that you’re about to fall asleep CAN be that you start drifting off into thinking so much more than when you’re fully alert.

No deal, don’t force it, the more you practice the more you’ll realise what is a happening,

Then you can use one or all of these below tips.

1. People hate this one

Chances are you won’t do this - people hate it when I say it, because it’s so darn simple.

They roll their eyes and say: “OK, good one, what else … ?”

If you’re falling asleep often in your eyes closed, get to bed earlier.

Stop burning the old midnight candle and get some pre-midnight rest.

It’ll solve your problem in a jiffy.

If you're having trouble sleeping at night getting these little breaks in your day will help you immensely.

2. Sit up a little bit straighter

Still be comfortable - no need to be in a yoga position.

You want to forget your body, not make it ache even more.

3. Speed up / change up

Introduce your Ascension Attitudes or mantra a little bit quicker.

If you’re using the breath - breathe a little deeper, fuller.

Swop attitudes or vehicles a little more frequently to keep the attention.

4. Open your eyes for a moment

Stare off into space for a bit, close your eyes when ready

5. Wash your face before

Dip your face in cold water before hand.

6. Get out of bed

While you can - and should - Ascend or meditate in bed into sleep (lie down, get comfy),

Get out and go somewhere else the rest of the time

7. Exercise / stretch before hand

Easy one - get the blood flowing a bit/a lot before.

8. Be “integrious” with your attention

Ascend or meditate with integrity - 100% gentle attention.

Being lazy with your attention will result in big drifting (no force!!)

9. Get the right vehicle

Not all vehicles are created equal.

You can travel by old bus -

Which does have its charm, but:

It’s slow, stops everywhere, may randomly break down, complete with loud music and smelly armpits.


You can travel by jet powered flying chauffeur piloted ease -

In speed and comfort.

You can meditate or, you can Ascend.

Huge difference.


The bottom line though is - if you need to sleep you WILL sleep.

Allow it -

Especially if your sleep is poor throughout the night and/or you’ve gathered up some exhaustion/stress

Allow and you’ll wake up much more refreshed and clear and alert for the rest of the day.

Which is so much better than fighting and getting angry with yourself.

Isn’t it?

The key will always be consistency.

If it’s important, do it every day.

Questions? Let me know - and by the way: good work!

Go well,



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Dodge soap, stay young

Vivienne Westwood - punk “queen”, fashion person -

Do you know what her secret to looking young is?

Don’t wash so much.

She gets in the bath once a week, while her partner stops dodging the soap once a month.

How about that?

I’m not a big fan of showering,

I’d would rather have some kind of instant walk through device that got me clean so I don’t have to faff around with water and towels …

But I do it because it’s important.

Mainly to my good lady Sumati.

She of the oh so incredible sense of smell.

It’s so refined, it’s not a sense - it’s a super power.

I’ve been in the mountains away from washing for weeks on end …

I personally couldn’t care less,

But I can appreciate that it’s necessary and important when in human company,

Especially of the Sumati variety.

And that is the bottom line.


“If it’s important, do it every day”


Dan John - a Renaissance man of weights and poetry said that,

And he is dead on.

Check out the article here -

Which if you, like me, like bullet point philosophy, you will enjoy no matter whether you have the taste of exercise or not:

If it’s important, do it every day.

The other secret to staying young, of course, is a meditation or mindfulness practice.

It’s important, because it gives you greater choice over stress and overwhelm,

Whether you fly off the handle, get filled with doubt or guilt and regret,

Or handle it all with a smile (or at least a song in your heart) -

Whether you can be a good and honourable person,

Or whether you're a source of misery to your loved ones.

And so perhaps you should do it every day.

Or you “could”.

Doesn’t have to be huge - doesn’t have to be long.

Short and often is probably better than long and rarely - in all aspects of life.

That's why I set up this free challenge I think you'll really enjoy:

If it’s important, do it every day.

Go well!



My free Hour a Day, 7 Day Mindfulness challenge?

It’s not an hour all at once, but bite sized chunks.

Snacks of being aware and present.

The aim being an hour over the course of 24 hours.

But really it’s what you CAN do.

Perhaps a little more than yesterday??

Little and often.

Stop what you're doing

A question from a reader:

“I don’t seem to be making any progress with meditation …”

There’s more to it than that, but I can stop you right there.

Meditation/mindfulness and progress don’t go together.

It’s not about achieving anything.

But no wonder you get confused.

Since you were little you were told to go and do and get -

And good stuff that is too.

Life is about doing and getting.

Meditation/mindfulness - whether eyes open or closed - however, is the opposite.

It’s about doing absolutely nothing.

Stop - do nothing - achieve nothing - strive for nothing.

That is all ^^^

Just for a moment, or several moments.

Rest, be secure in this moment.

End your anxiety, your panic, your overwhelm, your mad dash to get somewhere.

Just be here.

Find sanity in the middle of getting and going - then you’ll really start to fly with the minimum of effort and the maximum of fun.

Stopping allows you to do more with less angst.


Let now be enough.

Job done.

Go well!



Of course a tool is a very handy thing -

When you’ve spent your whole life going,

A tool to help you to stop is extremely useful.

If you'd like to know more about simple simple tools you can use,

Head this way for my free guide to 108 ways of being more present and mindful:

Calming a raging beast child the quick, easy way

A valuable lesson yesterday I did learn -

Regarding a grumpy child and how to make her less demanding, really quick.

Want to hear it?

I was feeding bubsy.

Actually no, feeding bubsy is like feeding a lion … I imagine.

You throw food in the general direction and stand well back, get safe as quick as possible.

Bubsy feeds herself and if you get in the way, you're a casualty.

I was tired, I had a busy, productive day ...

And I just wanted to switch off for a moment or two.

Bubsy was happily mooshing food in her forehead and I thought,

“I'll just see what's happening on Facebook”, as you do.

About ten seconds into Facebook she gets all agitated, which makes me agitated too.

“Can't you see I'm doing something really important here?” - shouts everyone wrapped up in their Facebook cocoon.

I throw the bubsy beast another scrap - she's happy, I turn back to the book of face.

Do you know what happens next?

Of course you do.

When I'm on my phone she gets agitated. When I'm off it, she's happy.

And it only takes me 12 goes to realise this.

Happy bubsy is a happy peaceful me …

So I stop fighting and chuck the phone out of my reach and out of temptation.

I rest my head on the table and just look at bubsy.

No effort - and she's completely different. Happy and content.

All she wanted was me to pay attention.

And it's the same with all your kids, no matter how old they are.

It's the same with your partner too.

They just want you to show up.

Checking out on your phones be one thing - but make sure you're not switched off and thinking about something else either.

That's more subtle and possibly just as common.

They know that too.

Fully be with them. Right here, right now.

And you'll enjoy peace and a really happy alive relationship.

You'll end so many arguments and hassles - I promise you.

Ultimately when you give them a little you'll get more peace for you.

And that's what you wanted in the first place - right?

So pay attention!

Job done, and you’re welcome.

Making your life stress free since 2003.

Go well!



If you like that, you’ll want to be on the "HOW to" workshop I’m doing soon - 22 October.

Saying “be more present” is one thing,

Getting the right tools and the right understandings to make it an easy, simple habit is another.

Here’s the link should you to come:

I know Faye the organiser was saying there were only a few seats left, so if you want one, jump in!

If you don't have Facebook, or are feeding a raging bubba beast at the moment, just hit reply.

I'll help you out!

How do you know you’re meditating right?

Ahhhh …. coffee is at hand -

Don’t panic, everything is alright.

So - one of the most asked questions I get is:

“How do I know I’m doing it right?” …

As in meditating right.

That is one of the sweetest things about having a proper technique.

The breath is wonderful, apps like Headspace and Insight Timer are wonderful -

But a valid technique will actually teach you how to use it as you use it,

It'll give you the experience you need to get where you want to go.

And the breath and apps and much of meditation teaching aren't so good at doing that.

Ascension is - and since I have you here, you might be interested in a course I’m doing?

I promise it'll be well worth your while.

But! Back to the question:

What should you be experiencing?

Well - this is very subjective and best explained with you, in person, and not in an email like this.


Those times when you’re present, perhaps you’re doing dishes, perhaps you’re taking a bath at the end of a long day.

Perhaps you’re staring into a cup of tea, out the window and taking in the view.

That moment where you are gazing into the flames of a roaring fire …

You are at rest, relaxed ... and yet awake, aware and content in that, feeling self-contained, present to your own sense of being and presence.

Perhaps quiet, perhaps not, tuned in, all is well - all is as it should be.

And then there are the meditations where it’s the opposite.

There are so many thoughts!

Well done.

For that is simply your body letting go, healing the stresses of the day, “defragging”.

Meditation can be both, at the same time - as long as you don’t fight your thoughts.

There is no need. No need at all.

Meditation means you become more aware, it isn’t about stopping your thoughts.

It’s about shifting your judgement off them.

It’s about non-resistance to what is.

Acceptance of this moment, just for this moment.

Fascination and familiarisation with everything in this moment in time.

When you don't fight, you can rest.

When you rest, you can watch and notice the unchanging part of your inner experience.

That is worth it's weight in gold.

And that is all I’m going to say on the matter.

You’ll just have to close your eyes and gently explore for yourself!

But do let me know if you have any questions.

I love to help.

Go well!



That Ascension course that I fully recommend you learn because it makes everything so simple, and obvious?

Here’s the link once again: 

When your Gran swears and doesn’t realise it

Yeah, housework isn’t my favourite thing in the world.

It was pretty obvious the neglect in my house,

When I found my brain -

You might recall, I totally lost it the other day.

Misplaced it.

Found it,

Down the back of the sideboard.

Bit dusty, I have to say.

Covered in, what you call them … ?

Dust bunnies -

Those bundles of dust and hair and assorted stuff,

That if they were bigger, would be rolling down the street of them western cowboy films.

Now, as a minor but interesting aside -

I have a friend whose Gran calls them “sl*t’s wool”

And the weekend day when you slob around the house in your dressing gown?

“Sl*tty Sunday”

Heh heh - That term now has a whole new, more modern, meaning, doesn’t it?

But, ahem, housework is necessary soon as I have guests over the weekend.

26 of them.

We have an advanced Ascension course -

Something you can do after you’ve learnt to Ascend so you can really make super fast tracks to end stress and live the meaning of your life.

I really am excited, even though it’ll require me to help eradicate the sl*ts wool from the large old Georgian house we’re using.

It’s been the hub of Ascension for probably quite close to 20 years now.

Sacred ground indeed.

You know that feeling when you relax,

Like you’ve been carrying something super heavy all day and don’t realise it until you put it down?

That’s right -

You can feel that kind of peace the minute you step inside the gates.

People go "ahhhhhh" when they walk in. True!

So I’m a little bit excited to have everyone here to show them how life can really be lived.

In town and like to come visit?

Well, sure!

Come on down - just bring a feather duster and help out, will you?

The other way to come and see for yourself is to attend an Ascension course.

The perfect setting for learning the tools for huge amounts of calm, focus and happiness.

And you won’t have to do any housework while you’re here.

Go well!



Why do I feel the need to always PS you?

Oh that’s right - here’s a thing, a conversation I had with another Ishaya monk recently all about this stuff.

A podcast they call it -

Have a listen, I’m sure you’ll find it quite lovely.

A tip to help you stop struggling

I’ve recently been asking what people struggle with -

Specifically about meditation and ending stress and just being happy,

But what I found out applies to any struggle in any part of your life.

I have a fair idea about the meditation struggles, but helping people get EXACTLY what they need is something crucial, no?

The clearer I can be about what you need, the more useful my whole mission becomes.

In the asking, it’s obvious -

And its only obvious because I used to do this myself, a lot -

One of the biggest problems you have is your own judgements about yourself -

What you’re doing wrong, how you messed up again, let someone down, let yourself down.

You know?

Everyone wants to do good and not do bad.

Yet that distinction is not that helpful.

You do "bad" and then feel bad.

It’s not motivating, it’s easier to say “I’m useless” and give up trying.

You get into that cycle of stop / start / stop - “what’s the point?”

Everyone does stuff bad - everyone makes mistakes - sometimes constantly.

Given what you say you want -

WHATEVER that maybe -

Close your eyes more, eat better, move more, be more appreciative and considerate to your partner …

It helps to consider that some choices you make are simply “unskilled”

These choices aren’t giving you what you say you want -


If you are “unskilled” then you can definitely get more skilled, right?

It becomes a straight forward matter of practicing the right things.

Sometimes you have to ask an expert what these right things are.

(Expert: an intimidating word that simply means someone who has made all the mistakes - and learned from them - so you don’t have to)

But once you set in place a small plan to do things just a little bit better than yesterday …

A little bit better, and a little bit better -

(who cares if progress is “only” a tiny amount? Do it regularly and it adds up to something sweet!)

The result is you start to feel pretty darn good about yourself.

Because everyone feels best when they feel like they’re improving.

And so much better than good/bad, right/wrong, great/useless …

Removing right and wrong from the equation takes the pressure off, cuts the self-judgement and all that stuff.


So have a little think about reframing good/bad to skilled/unskilled -

“How can I do this better?”

Be careful how you define yourself -

And THAT will require being aware of how you think about yourself -

Which meditation is (partially) all about

So - if you have any questions about this, just ask -

I’d love to help.

Otherwise, go well!



If you’d like to get started on learning the best meditation techniques on the planet for becoming more aware?

Here’s a free guide that will get you up and running, super quick:

What is the meaning of life? Dodging difficult questions

I did a super fun interview recently with a really lovely fellow called Pat Flynn.

I totally dodged a huge question from him - so here's my chance to make amends.

But first, if you haven't listened -

We talked about meditation and why you should practice regularly and how to get started - which just floated my boat -

And it might float yours too.

Head this way:

You can even download it so you can listen while you’re in the bath, for example.


The Meaning of Life

So early on Pat asks about the meaning of life,

I felt like I skimmed what may be the most important question in my life.

So here’s my chance to add to my answer.

Perhaps buckle up, grab a cup of tea, this will be a longer email than usual.

I’m not sure how far we’ll go with this one, and I’ll say this only once (unless you ask nicely) ...

You have to realise the answer to “what is the meaning of life?” is not really about the words.

It’s not knowledge, it’s not mental.

The meaning of life comes from an experience.

And when you connect with that inner experience, the meaning of YOUR life gets clear.

Not life in general, but your life in particular.

You see:

We’re all searching for a feeling.

It’s a combo, an indefinable mashup that comes out something like -


Everything we do, we do to chase happiness, and avoid suffering.

If you’re clever though,

You will realise that an inner experience cannot come from external things.

But sure, sometimes a wonderful meal can give you that indefinable joy and contentment,

That special man or woman in your life too,

Getting that career goal, going on holiday, buying those £50 flip flops …

They all press the YES button.

So to speak.

Although happiness may be sparked by external things, it does not need to be determined by it.

That is what causes suffering…

Because people believe “I can only be happy when x or y or z (external thing) happens”

And because tomorrow never seems to come,

Or happens how you least expect it,

Happiness is always a future game and an externally caused game.

Meditation is making happiness a NOW game, an internal game.

You hear me so far?

Now -

The source of this indefinable peacelovehappyclear mooshup is already within you.

It is the You that lies beyond your thoughts,

Beyond your dreams and desires and feelings too.

You already have it, you were BORN with it - in fact, you ARE it.

Check out a little bubsy - totally one with themselves.

Enlightenment and unity that is talked about in some circles is complete freedom from the external caused game of happiness.

It comes from realising you are that inner experience of presence and awareness.

The more you touch on that experience, the happier you get AND the more the meaning of YOUR life becomes clear.

Your thoughts and feelings?

Something you have, not something you are.

When you realise the difference - and NOT as a mental idea, but as a lived experience,

That's when the meaning of life gets so obvious, so clear you’re surprised you never knew.

And even a little venturing down this path means you start living in a different way.

And I don’t want to get too mystical because that creates all kinds of ideas of what you SHOULD be experiencing -

But one of the first things that happens is that you become more aware of all the limiting and doubt filled thoughts that you have,

How you provide momentum for them by unconsciously thinking on them a lot.

Being aware means you have choice.

It means you don’t get derailed by them.

It means getting those things you want in life gets easier and more straight forward.

You find freedom from self-sabotage,

From all the negative emotions and thinking,

You get happiness that is uncaused,

Freedom from depending on other people or other things to make you happy,

You realise that all fear is caused by a thought.

You become the source of all stability, all unchanging goodness and being.

Priceless and wordless.

And all simply by regularly practicing your meditation.

Going inwards, going inwards, going inwards -

Until you remember that experience.

Now -

Take it easy.

Gentle stubborn persistence is a valuable ally.

Learn to Ascend. Honestly, it’s the darn tooting most amazing thing.



Want to know when the next course is?

Just hit reply - I love talking about this stuff.

Go well!



That link to the interview is right here:

I think you’ll really like it.

Do you ever get that slight cringe when you hear the sound of your own voice too?

Pat’s specialty is fitness and strength using kettlebells - and I can’t recommend a better teacher than him.

He totally knows his stuff:

My Wonderous Stress Ending, Life Boosting Mindfulness Challenge - For You!

It’s arrived!

Let me tell you about the “Forget No More! An Hour a Day Mindfulness Challenge”

You’re here because you want to end stress.

You don’t want to just manage it,

You want to put it down.

No more stress! Yah!

No more resentment, no more overwhelm, no more anxiety or guilt or such like.


AND - because at the rate you drop stress, Aliveness blooms in all its glory.

Clarity, calm, contentment - a profound and productive life is revealed.

Living life as the best version of you.



The secret lies in being super dooper present, or mindful as you might call it.

The hardest thing people tell me about being mindful?

“I keep forgetting!”

We’ve spent so long not being present, forgetting to be mindful and then being drawn into stress and overwhelm is a super common experience.

Well – forget no more!

This “eyes open” challenge is so you can build your “mindful muscle” (or habit, if you’d prefer)

And remember to be present and forget to be stressed – no matter what you’re busy doing.

Doing this challenge will result in a radical boost to your real life “Forget No More” mindfulness and presence.

You would be interested in this challenge if you want to:

    •    end overwhelm and stress; “I’ve got too much to do and no time to do it”

    •    no longer feed negativity; “I’m useless, I can’t do this, I’ll never get it right”

    •    ditch anxiety, worry, regret, guilt and over-thinking; “I’m scared, I’m did it/am doing it wrong; I need to be in control”

    •    stop unconsciously reacting and then regretting it

    •    find happiness that is uncaused, enjoy this moment as it is and who you are, as you are

As part of the challenge there's a great little Facebook group that’s been getting going so you can stay reminded and inspired,

Tap into a community of like minded people,

Get support, answers to your questions,

Regular stuff like videos and such from me -

I’m excited.

It’s completely free,

And all you have to do to download the guide and get going,

Is head this way:


Lemme know!

Go well,



The “Forget No More! An Hour a Day Mindfulness Challenge” is open to anyone …

As long as they’re cool!

So if you have buddies who might be interested,

Send them this link: 

Think you can do it?

Tops Tips to lose stress and make meditation and mindfulness so super simple

When I started getting into this game of mindfulness and meditation there wasn’t the internet.

Me and my friends would send morse code telegraphy back and forth,

Mum and dad would yell at us kids -

“Get off the telegraph and go outside!”

Oh how the world has changed, hasn’t it?

When you were interested in getting better at something?

Back then there were no way of getting tips from kind strangers on the other side of the planet in the comfort of your home.

You had to find someone who knew what they talking about, like, in Real Life.

Now days we have a whole internet of Tips.

You could say the entire internet is made up of cat pictures and tips.

And how I love reading tips …

So to fit in with everyone else -

Here’s some tips for you.

All about meditation and mindfulness -

To make it so simple,

So straightforward you’ll have a practice that not only will you enjoy but that will end all stress and mean your life really comes alive.

Wouldn’t THAT be nice?

Well you can - truly.

Here are my wonderful, top tips for anyone who wants to start doing just that,

AND you experts -

Because the basics are all you need (true too).

If you’d like to see my pretty face talking about these tips and expanding upon them much more than I’m able to here,

Head this way:

Otherwise, here we go:

1. Have no expectations

Expectations ruin many things. When you meditate, try and have none.

Insist on nothing - expect as little as possible.

Because then you can tune into what you DO have, not what you think you SHOULD have …

Do yourself a favour and have no expectations.

2. It’s not about stopping your thoughts

It’s about becoming more aware, in the present moment.

See the difference?

Leave those thoughts alone, it'll make your life so much easier.

3. Be consistent

The more regularly you practice the faster you will lose stress and gain calm, focus and happiness.

Doing 10 minutes every day is so much better than struggling through 30 minutes once in a while. OK?

Do what you can.

4. Be comfortable

Relax, put your feet up, grab your blankey.

You may fall asleep in the beginning - but you are probably exhausted and running on fumes.

Sitting upright has its benefits, but I’ve found sitting so you can forget your body is SO much better.

No strain!

5. Take nothing seriously

Go easy, no strain.

Laugh at yourself. Don’t be in a rush to get somewhere.

Sit, be aware, notice, enjoy.

Laugh at them thoughts.

Laugh at being distracted, again.

“Oh well, back in!”

All the mindful masters I’ve met laugh their butts off. If you want to laugh your way through life then take it all less and less seriously every day.

6. No strain!

Don’t try, don’t control, don’t struggle.

See above.

There's no need - it doesn't get you anywhere. In fact, it slows you down.

7. Indulge in mindful and meditative snacks

Sitting at a red light? Be mindful.

Walking somewhere? Tune in and be mindful.

Waiting? Get off the phone, for a moment, and be aware.

Cooking? Eating? Cleaning? Driving? Showering? Playing music? Exercising?

Give yourself FULLY to the moment while doing your thing and see what happens.

And there we go -

All the tips you need.

I'm sure there is so much more, but I do go on a bit

Enjoy, hit me up with questions, and head over to the video if you want to have more detail:

Go well!



If you'd like a much deeper "immersion" in how to more meditative and mindful?

On how to be so much more calmer you just forget to be stressed?

Head this way for my free guide, I think you're going to love it: